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administrative outsourcing

In a nutshell, Administrative Outsourcing provides ongoing, one-on-one administrative support for your business. If you are like most of our clients, you have a series of ongoing administrative tasks, functions and roles that are important to keep your business organized and running smoothly. It works best for you if you don't have the time, space or large enough workload to warrant hiring employees, yet still want and need someone to be your administrative Ďright handí.

Unsurprisingly many leading companies are bundling their main back-office functions and outsourcing them to a small number of providers. A study by Everest Research Institute reveals that companies typically realize a 35-40 percent direct savings in setup costs when they outsource additional services to one existing provider rather than introducing another provider to the mix. And a significant amount of additional savings and operating efficiencies are derived from thinking about support services in bigger and more transformative waysóand buying them in the same fashion.

Social Media Top Team helps you to determine your business and personal goals and what you are trying to achieve. Administration Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has helped our clients to reduce their business process costs by up to 50 percent, raise service-level commitments for speed, quality and accuracy, and even increase market differentiation.

As your one-stop Administrative Outsourcing AO provider, Social Media Top Team can help you achieve:

  • Eliminate the stress and aggravartion of having to perfrom a sleu of administrative tasks yourself!
  • Put time back into your day to focus on more importnat areas of your business
  • Put time back into your day for you and your loved ones!
  • Improved back office operating efficiencies
  • FREE up capital to invest in other areas of your business
  • Simplified management
  • Reduced management time
  • Increased operating scale

According to Everest Research, the administrative business process outsourcing (BPO) market will expand in the BPO market. This trend proves that more and more executives are using bundled outsourcing to support their business strategies.

Administrative Outsourcing services include:

Manage your entire online store
Upload new product images and descriptions
Send out emails to clients to upsell and cross-sell them
Monitor merchant account transactions
Provide online customer support

Sort incoming e-mails.
delete unimportant emails and forward important ones to you.
Update email while youíre on vacation or on business trip.
Set up appointments from your email.

Arrange appointments.
Maintain daily calendar.
Organize travel reservations.
Check voice mails, take action to routing requests and get in touch with clients that have significant messages.
Confirm sales for the week.
Complete routine paperwork each day.
Duplicate files of the computer for safe-keeping and back-up.
Order office supplies
Personal Assistant Duties - from ordering and sending out birthday and holiday gifts for clients, family and friends to working online dating sites for you(if youíre single, etc.

Pay online bills and invoices regularly.
Settle bank accounts using accounting software on a regular basis.
Update clients of impending bill due dates.
Prepare and send invoices.
Create expenditure reports.
Follow up through phone to collect on past due charges.
Mail past due notices.

Coordinate the hiring of office staff, from writing the announcement, placing the ad, receiving and reviewing resumes, and conducting the initial interviews.
Update client to have the annual performance reviews.
Confirm references on employment applications.
Create quarterly and annual payroll forms.
Make tax deposits after each pay period.

Transcribe recordings.
Transcribe tele-class recordings and email to all participants.
Take transcript over the phone, transcribe and prepare the message.


Produce and set up employee and project manuals.
Organize survey to get responses regarding customer satisfaction.
Organize survey and tally the outcome following an event.
Create a PowerPoint presentation with an outline of diagrams and charts.
Encode handwritten meeting notes or minutes.
Type, edit, print and send messages on client letterhead.
Layout and check reports and documents.

Collect and review postal mail.
Process, prepare and mail orders.


Send proposal letters to new potential clients.
Send standard marketing resources.
Update marketing program for results and alterations.
Confirm database via phone prior to arranging a direct mailing campaign.
Encode collected business cards into the in-house database.
Desktop Publishing
Design & prepare membership certificates.
Design and prepare flyers and handouts.
Design and print or order business cards.
Design and print brochures.
Prepare and send a periodical newsletter with client-provided materials.


Target market, obtain a list of companies or individuals, prepare and e-mail/mail preliminary materials.
Possible advertising alternatives.
Software options: make sure of the compatibility, pricing and accessibility.
Quotes for conference facilities.
Project schemes and manage the projects from start to finish.
New office equipments and supplies and arrange the purchase

And much more!

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