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"Youíve Got The Ugliest Cheesiest Backpage Ad Design Iíve Ever Seen In My Life!"
screaming boss

(Thatís What Theyíll Say If You Get Caught Using The Wrong Classified Ad Design Company)

What good is having an awesome Backpage.com marketing strategy if you have lousy performing ads? Businesses who design their own ads oftentimes donít have a clue as to the best methods. Their ads will have typos, have huge walls of text and images thrown all over the place, are not keyword optimized for Backpage.comís search engines (not Googleís), wonít link to their website and the text is boring and non-compelling. Needless to say, these ads do NOT perform well.

New ĎBackpage Ad Design-Improverí Gets You Sales Leads Galore!

Social Media Top Team uses our patented ĎMagnetize Your Marketingí copywriting system to write and create your BAckpage Ad Design. Your ads will always GRAB & HOLD prospective customers attention for the headline to make them click on the ad. It will then EDUCATE them on your service/product offering and how it uniquely solves their problem. Then it will EMOTE (get them excited), MOTIVATE them to act and give them an OFFER to take the next step in your sales process (call you, go to your lead conversion page or website).

Your Backpage.com ads will be engaging, compelling, well articulated and most importantly GET RESULTS.

animated flooring craigslist ad weight loss craigslist ad

The Ultimate In Backpage Ad Design

Backpage.com allows for html ads (the other online classified sites do not). So when you can, always use html ads. Letís face it - text only ads are BORING! Sometimes people searching on these sites select to separate the ads with images from the ones without. Itís proven that ads with images get clicked on and viewed a great deal more than ads without images. We can even animate your ad to present multiple products/service offerings!

craigslist backpage ads

Social Media Top Team designs your html (static or animated) ads to get MAXIMUM Results!

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As low as $99 per ad!


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