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To Business Owners Who Want Blogging Services To Get New Customers

business blogging services

Business blogging and content marketing are the pillars of any effective search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy for effective lead generation. Few things compare to the effectiveness of well optimized, well written blog articles and posts for showing up in search engines and driving sales leads to your website. Blogs also are the perfect hub for social media campaigns. They talk directly to your customers and prospective customers without any filters or obstacles.

The only problem is, blogs take a lot of time to write, edit and promote. From coming up with the right concepts and ideas, to designing a content strategy, designing a writing strategy (establishing your companyís voice), actual article writing, your posting strategy, to your actual promotion strategy and calendar, implementing and running your own corporate blog can be an amazingly daunting and time consuming task!

It's A Shame For You Not To Generate Sales Leads From Your Business Blogging -- When Our Clients Do It So Easily

Social Media Top Team provides the perfect Blogging Services solution for your business. We provide a lot more than just article writing services Ė we also provide blogging services for many different niches. Not all great copywriters can blog, and not all great bloggers can write great articles. So our bloggers have been chosen for their excellence in blogging, not just their ability to write a phenomenal article. We match the right blogger with you based on their individual talents and experience. Whether you need a blogger to provide a human voice to your corporate blog or someone to supplement your own posts on your personal or hobby blog, weíve got the definitive solution for you!

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If You Think That Business Blogging Is A ĎNo Brainerí You Might Possibly Be A ĎNo Brainerí!

Social Media Top Team actually becomes your blog manager! We handle EVERYTHING for you. Hereís what you get:

  • Content Strategy and SEO Strategy design
  • Idea generation for blog content
  • Write your blogís content (articles and posts) optimized for your SEO keywords
  • Respond to questions, comments and posts on your blog and encourage engagement
  • Establish backlinks to your companyís website
  • Perform all of the posting of your articles
  • Promotion into your social media networks (facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Content Marketing and Distribution into online magazines with High Page Rank (SEO benefits) and High Alexa Ranking (gets a lot of web readers)

  • Manage your monthly editorial calendar

We can even write blog reviews of your products and services and post them on review sites!

So Whatís The Investment?

Are you sitting down? Social Media Top Teamís Blogging Services start at just $299 per month!

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