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Want The BEST PROVEN Business Branding Strategies For Your Company Yet Don’t Know Where To Start?

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Our “Good To Great” 40 Point Power-Branding Package Grows Your Business To The NEXT Level!

Many small business owners have an undeveloped business brand yet still want to grow their business to the next level. They spend $10,000s of dollars in marketing and advertising to get returns on investment (ROI) that are less than stellar, lose many of their prospective clients to their competitors, and sell their services/products for much less than they want to. LACK OF PROPER BRANDING is usually the issue!

Especially if you're in an industry that is “commoditized”. Meaning that your target market perceives you to do the exact same thing as literally ALL of your competition (i.e. financial advisors, insurance agents, realtors, mortgage companies, home improvement companies, marketing consultants, lawyers, etc.). Many describe this dilemma as you being viewed as a “dime a dozen”.

We call it the “Carbon Copy Scenario”. The Carbon Copy Scenario is when your prospective clients & customers (because of your branding and marketing) can’t perceive you to be any better or worse than any of your competitors.

As a result, your prospects base their decision on the only thing that is actually different…the price. And of course, they usually decide to go with the LOWEST price.


Right And Wrong Branding Strategies
-- And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Sales


What if we were to tell you that you could effectively separate your business from ALL of your competition, STOP losing new clients & customers to your competitors, double or triple your conversions of clients & customers, INCREASE your prices by 300% or more (and get it!) and systematically generate more referrals?

Well this is exactly what your business’s POWER-Brand is designed to do! Why do you think so many Ultra Successful companies are always so focused on their branding? It’s the foundation of their success!

Remember, people don't buy products and services, they buy brands. A brand promises the same positive consistent experience every time. So clients can buy with confidence. It doesn’t matter what new product or service you come out with, or the price, once people have bought your brand, they’ll buy your other services/products without hesitation.


Need proof? Think about your favorite brands. Why did you initially buy from them? Why do you continue to buy from them now? ...Exactly!

Pop Quiz - Do you know what your brand is and your brand strategy? Do you even have one?


Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About Our “Good To Great” 40 Point Power-Branding Coaching Package!

Let Social Media Top Team’s ‘Power-Branding Experts’ help you design, develop and harness the Magnitude and Power of Your Own Indomitable Corporate Power-Brand. We go through the entire process with you step by step to ensure you get the Most Powerful, PROVEN Business Branding Strategies possible. Your Power-Brand empowers you to become the clear cure for your customer’s issue, need or want. It should separate you from your competition and make you the obvious choice to do business with.

Jerry Garcia said it best, “It’s not enough to be the best at what you do; you must be perceived as the only one who does what you do.”


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In our incomparable “Good To Great” 40 Point Power-Branding Coaching Package you get:

  • Your Business’s Power-Brand fully developed (you’ve put it off long enough)
  • Our Powerful, Complete 40 Point Branding Plan implemented into your business
  • Design a New More Effective Branded Name for your Company (if you want this)
  • Your Company Tag Line
  • Your Company Slogan
  • Your Company Mission Statement
  • Your business’s ‘Hedgehog Concept’ (Truly Transformational!)
  • Your Business Model either established OR Refined (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
  • Determining your niche market(s)
  • Determining your 3 types of clients: Ideal, Average and Small Needs (and how to get rich leveraging all 3!)
  • Designing your client buyer’s personas
  • Designing your value proposition
  • Building your company’s “WOW!” factor
  • Compelling headlines, marketing statements and copy for your flyers, brochures, postcards, website, lead conversion pages, online business profiles, etc.
  • Designing your business’s U.M.I.O.s (Ultra Mega Irresistible Offer) to maximize your lead generation
  • Your company’s sales closing tools to get prospects to buy from you faster

  • Leveraging Marketing Automation & Sales Automation into your business to automatically convert more leads
  • How to leverage video proposals to utterly amaze your prospects!
  • Designing your business’s audio logo and branded vanity phone number
  • Taking your business through the ‘Innovation Matrix’ to ensure that you build a SUPERIOR COMPANY to ALL of your competitors!
  • Leveraging your Power-Brand into your sales strategy and process to maximize your sales results
  • How to SHORTEN Your Sales Cycles dramatically with your branding!
  • Designing your Sales Strategy, Appointment Setting Script, Sales Presentation and your Branded Business Proposal.
  • How to WIN both the ‘logical and emotional argument’ of sales with your Power-Brand (Make it much easier for you and your sales team to close MORE deals)
  • Establish your firms Perpetual Selling Strategies including the BEST Upsells and Cross-Sells to leverage
  • Designing your Company’s Referral Systems (you should be leveraging at least 3 EVERYDAY). You’ll now generate NEW referral clients & customers on a WEEKLY basis!
  • Designing, identifying & helping to set up your Company’s most Profitable Joint Ventures (easily tap into other companies existing client & customer bases with ease!)
  • A Reseller/Partner/Affiliate program for your company (have other businesses sending you prequalified leads AND convert your competitors into your own personal sales force!)
  • Develop NEW products and service lines for your business that YOUR CLIENTS WANT and will PAY FOR and you never even thought of offering!

  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors so that you become the obvious choice to do business with.
  • How to design your marketing message to RESONATE with your niche market (they’ll never forget it!)
  • How to use ‘Morphing’ (McBusiness Your Business) to structure your industry core words and keywords to design and build your own brandable language!
  • How to identify your customer’s 'conversational catchphrases' to hone your marketing message
  • How to build your branding into your websites, marketing materials, social networking sites, etc. to amplify yourself, your product, your expertise and your business.
  • Compelling marketing statements and copy for use with your sales presentations and marketing materials.
  • Develop powerful sales closing tools to get customers to buy from you faster.
  • Develop and brand your company’s internal marketing, sales and fulfillment systems
  • Build your branding into your websites, marketing materials, social networking sites, etc. to amplify yourself, your product, your expertise and your business
  • 6 hours of TOP Caliber business branding coaching and designing (You have to be a part of the process. After all…your brand comes out of you!)

You Get virtually everything you need to be successful in business!

157 Branding Clients Can’t Be Wrong: Social Media Top Team’s ‘40 Point Power-Branding Package’ Grows Your Business To The Next Level

Do you already have a brand? It may be time for a tune-up or makeover! Many companies find that that their brand has become common, forgettable, weak and downright ‘boring’.  This is why a lot of businesses find it necessary to rebrand themselves periodically. Many of the ‘Fortune 500 Companies’ rebrand themselves every several years…and for good reason!


So How Much Is It? Of Course You’ve Heard Of Business Branding Services...Yet Have You Heard Of AFFORDABLE Business Branding Services?

Social Media Top Team’s “Good To Great” 40 Point Power-Branding Coaching Package has been described by our clients repeatedly as ‘Transformational’, ‘The BEST Investment I’ve made in my business in the past 3 years’, ‘I should’ve done this when I first started my business’, ‘It literally changed the way that we do business…for the better!’, etc..


This unparalleled business branding package entails 8 hours (4 -2 hour coaching sessions) of one-on-one business branding coaching, with one of our experienced, certified Power-Branding Experts. Hands down, You Get the most POWERFUL business branding strategies available implemented into your business.


Unlike other branding firms that simply charge you by the hour and you end up paying anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 or more, Social Media Top Team’s “Good To Great” 40 Point Power-Branding Coaching Package is priced to fit perfectly into your business’s budget.

Don’t put it off any longer. Grow Your Business to The Next Level by developing your business’s Power-Brand today!

One time investment of just $999


*Creative design services are extra.



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