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Why do you need to write a mission statement for our company? Well, the reason is simple. The mission statement is a reflection of how you look at your growing company, how you want other people to see it, what your companyís main purpose is, how it benefits your customers and how it would stand against your competition.

The next step is how do you actually write it? You might think, couldnít you just copy some old quotations from youíre an old English book or sayings from the I-Ching and put it on your companyís mission statement. How about outsourcing it? Good try, yet not very original, my friend. When writing your companyís mission statement, make sure that it would be heartfelt by anyone who reads it. It should connect with your readers. It should reflect your companyís purpose, what your company is ALL about. Your mission statement should clearly state why your company exists in the first place. As well as how you see the future of your company, your goals and objectives.

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Also, donít rush it. Writing a mission statement for your company doesnít have to happen overnight. It may take days or even weeks to finish it. Get lots of suggestions from employees, partners, board members, customers and other people you feel would make a difference. Brainstorm with them and review once youíve gathered all the information that you need to write a powerful mission statement. Be open to new ideas and suggestions.

Remember, Rome wasnít built in a day, so whatís the hurry?

Always remember the KISS formula. Keep it Short and Simple. You donít want to bore your readers with long paragraphs. Your mission statement should be short enough to remember, articulate clearly what you do and what value you provide to the market place. Make sure your mission statement is timeless. It should still be just as applicable 5 years from now as it is today. Also ensure sure that itís possible to achieve, yet not too easy or idealist in nature.

Next, review what youíve written. It may take a week of editing and tweaking to develop your perfect mission statement. Have your team look at it and determine if they understand and can relate to your companyís strengths and vision. Once youíre done, your mission statement will be your guide to attract new people, new resources and new customers for your business.

Finally, your mission statement is a powerful public relations marketing and branding tool. Post it to your website, add it to all of your marketing collaterals, leverage it (or portions of it) in your social media marketing and make it a requirement that all of your employees learn it and memorize it. Actually make it a condition for them earning their bonuses. Now every time you hold your annual stockholdersí meeting, conducting a sales training or just simply any company get together, discuss your companyís mission statement. And always hold yourself and your organization accountable to whether or not youíre living up to it.

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