Business Branding Tips - How To Use Your "Expert Bio" In Your Blog Posts To Generate Leads

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Do you use a blog for your business, or are thinking about using one, to engage your clients & customers as well as to generate new leads? That’s wonderful! One question though, are you levering an ‘Expert Biography’ in each and every one of your posts? If you are…great! If you aren’t…read this post very closely because you’re losing out on an amazing amount of benefits and leads!


Besides educating and engaging your existing clients and prospective clients, your blog is supposed to establish and promote as the ‘Go To Expert’. Each and every post is supposed to instill in your blog readers that they will be in ‘expert hands’ if they decide to do business with you. Why do you think you so many ‘Expert Biographies’ in every article you read on Forbes magazine, the Wall Street Journal and other online publications? These authors want to be established and promoted as the ‘Go To Experts’ in their respective industries.


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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in (financial advisor, home improvement, tax resolution, solar, medical, mortgage, etc.) — you need an expert bio to let people know who you are, what you do, why you do it and what qualifications & experience you have to do it. Remember at the end of the day, every transaction is between two people, so the more relatable you make yourself and your company, the better.



What Should Be Included in Your ‘Expert Bio’?

What you include depends a on the industry you’re in and the purpose of your blog. If you’re a financial advisor, your blog bio will obviously say something different and focus on different things than if you blog about skin care products.


Here are some things to include:

1) Your official title.

2) Describe who you help specifically and what your company does to help them.

3) How long you’ve been in business.

4) How many clients you’ve helped.

5)  What degrees, certifications, licenses, etc. you have.

6) Your twitter page URL.

7) Your contact info (phone number and email address).

Also, make sure the tone of your expert bio matches the tone of your blog. If you have an all professional tone in your posts, then your expert bio should reflect this. If it’s down to earth and conversational, then it should reflect this not suddenly become professional. And decide whether you want to write it in first or 3rd person.


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By effectively leveraging your ‘Expert Biography,’ you’ll more effectively personally connect, instill confidence and build credibility with your readers, existing and prospective clients AND more effectively generate BETTER quality leads from your blog posts.




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