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So you’re interested in generating NEW leads from Online Classified Ads marketing? You’re not alone. Who wouldn’t want to get good leads from FREE popular websites? Yet there are a few things you must know before you begin.

Online Classifieds Marketing consists of strategically submitting "specially designed" ads to various popular online classified advertising sites.

So businesses have been flocking to classified adverstising sites like Backpage.com. Backpage.com is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to products/services for sale, jobs, housing, dating, community and résumés.

The online classified advertising sites we use, such as backpage.com, ebayClassifieds.com, salespider.com, PennySaverUSA.com, Yakaz.com and 9 more, feature ‘niche marketplaces’ where people can buy and sell various products and services. These sites are all heavily trafficked and people spend millions of dollars every year with companies that advertise on them.

With Backpage.com receiving over 3-4 million Actual People going to their website each day in the US alone, and enabling you to advertise in 1,000 cities with one post PLUS they give you an Auto-Reposting tool that reposts your ads in intervals of 1 - 30 days, it has long since been recognized as an excellent marketing platform to sell various products and services. In addition, the other classified sites, receive 100s of thousands of visitors as well. What’s truly amazing is that placing ads on these sites is absolutely FREE!

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Online Classifieds Marketing

How A New Kind Of Online Classifieds Marketing Strategy Can Improve Your Sales In 30 Minutes

classified adsBut in order to maximize your Online Classified Sites Marketing efforts and results, you must first design the right strategy to get great results. This strategy includes determining which cities, regions, times of day, frequency of posts, etc.. You could go with a shotgun approach where you simply blast ads to masses of people or, to get better results, take a precise approach and make sure your ads are sent to your exact audience.

Next, is designing ‘Results Getting’ ads to attract the maximum amount of leads. Do you want prospective customers to call you, go to a lead conversion page or your website? Colorful html ads can outperform text ads. Will using a combination of the two get you the best results?


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<>See some of our Backpage And Other Classified Sites html ads<>


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IMPORTANT -  Each online classified site has their own rules and terms of service as well that must be adhered to. They each have their own renewal schedules that have to set up and tracked and renewed on time. Some allow pictures, videos, html ads and some do not. While the sites are free to post ads on, THEY ARE VERY TIME CONSUMING TO POST AND MANAGE AN ONGOING AD CAMPAIGN.

It's A Shame For You Not To Make Money From Online Classified Sites Marketing -- When Our Clients Do It So Easily

Social Media Top Team makes it easy for you.
We handle everything from ‘A to Z’ including:

  • An initial Strategic Planning Session to determine which online classified sites will get you the best results (up to 15 total), which products/services to promote on which sites, cities, categories, days, times and keywords/keyphrases to post your ads to maximize your response.

  • Designing a ‘Posting Schedule and Calendar’. So you know exactly what’s being done, on every site, at any given time.

  • Writing and designing 3 to 6 SEO optimized “High Response Ads” for your business, product or service with an html coded URL for taking leads directly to your Lead Conversion page or Website
  • Researching which categories are best to post your ads in.
  • Keyword/keyphrase research and selection for use in your ads to optimize them getting found in search engines.
  • Managing the set up of your classified ad accounts
  • Setting up gmail accounts for use with all of your Online Classified Sites accounts
  • Setting up 15 Online Classifieds Accounts - includes filling out profile information, registration & activation of ALL accounts
  • Includes modification to your existing text ads, if necessary, to optimize your results
  • Uploading and posting your ads daily to all of your sites
  • Inserting images and pictures in your ads (Increases your CTR – ‘Click Through Rate’)
  • We even login and activate the links to take the ads live for every post every day
  • We then forward you any relevant emails (sales leads, inquiries, etc). We delete the ones that aren’t of interest to you.
  • We can even analyze the top 10 - 12 cities driving in traffic to your website and focus your advertising efforts accordingly

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Added Benefits To You

Even More Sales Leads: With some of the Online Classified Sites that we’ve selected, their ads are 'syndicated' on other free ad sites. Which means your ads also get sent out to 20 - 30 additional ad sites that feature free classified ads. The net result is that you drive new FREE targeted traffic to your web site and new sales for your business.

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SEO Benefits: In addition, with the top 15 Online Classified Ad Sites that we use, all have high page rank and Alexa ranking, which means they rank well in the search engines and get a lot of leads (traffic) coming to their sites. This also means that you’ll get good backlinks back to your website from them. So in addition to inbound leads, they also increase your ranking in the search engines as well!


* This package is a very good tie in to a local SEO campaign!


So How Much Does It Cost?

Are you sitting down? Packages start at just $175 per month! Don’t wait any longer! Start getting more phone calls, sign ups on your Lead Conversion Pages and product sales on your website with Online Classified Site Marketing today.


craigslist ad design animaited weight loss

<>See some of our Backpage And Other Classified Sites html ads<>



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