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Linkedin is without a doubt the hottest social media site for B2B and even B2C lead generation. Companies that figure out how to monetize it effectively, swear by it! Yet not surprisingly, most small business owners DON’T know how to monetize Linkedin effectively.

You may not realize it yet LinkedIn marketing starts with your personal profile. If you’re not getting any business from your Linkedin marketing, your profile is the culprit. It literally is the foundation of your entire Linkedin marketing campaign! Prospective clients, customers, referral partners, strategic partners, reporters, etc. decide on whether or not they want to even connect with you, let alone do business with you, based on what they see on your personal Linkedin profile.

Many business owners simply copy verbiage form their website and paste it into their profile, get it from their resume and pop that info into their profile or type in a lazily and poorly thought out message into their profile. So it’s not surprising that most don’t get any type of tangible results.


What’s The Point Of Having A LinkedIn Personal Profile If It’s Not Making You Any Money?

Your business could literally be making $10,000s of dollars every month once you’re able to effectively generate new clients on a consistent basis from Linkedin. So if you want to tap into the ‘High Quality’ sales leads that only Linkedin offers, you have to do it right from the very beginning.


Your profile is more than a resume, it’s the place where you clearly articulate what niche market you specifically help and what you do to help them. It should also effectively promote your personal and company brand, separate you from your competition and make you the obvious choice to do business with. It should make your prospective clients and customers WANT to connect with you. Does yours do this?

The Best Linkedin Marketing Strategy To Attract More Clients

Our PROVEN Proprietary Three Step Formula for Customizing Your LinkedIn Personal Profile gets you Potential Clients, ‘High Net Worth’ Referral Partners, strategic partners, reporters, etc. connecting with you every day! Using the three steps outlined below, your profile will rank higher than your competitors meaning more potential clients can find you, connect with you, visit your website, pick up the phone or walk through your door. Here’s how it works…


Step 1: Get found in Linkedin’s Search Engine (SEO)

Most people don’t realize that Linkedin has a very powerful search engine. And many of your prospective clients and customers use Linkedin’s search engine to find businesses to buy from. Our proprietary strategy ensures that your profile will come up at the top of LinkedIn’s search results when prospects are searching for what you offer. That means more potential clients see your profile when they’re searching for your SEO keywords resulting in more inquiries to you.

We also help you determine the BEST SEO keywords to rank for in Linkedin and then we write your profile to seamlessly incorporate your keywords (and their variations) throughout your profile. We even research your competitors Linkedin profiles and ensure that you can outrank them!


When completed you will have almost 20 pages of SEO keyword optimized content loaded into your Linkedin profile. Our clients rank within the Top 1 - 3% of Linkedin for ALL of their SEO keywords. As a matter of fact, our Linkedin SEO optimization strategy is so strong our client's profiles even rank page 1 in Google!

See for yourself! Google search:

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Step 2: Attract & Engage Your Ideal Client

You also get a POWERFUL branded marketing message that ‘Grabs & Hooks’ potential clients and Referral Partners attention and shows them that you’re the BEST Choice to do business with. It will clearly articulate who you help and what you do to help them. We even incorporate videos, podcasts, articles, images and more to make your prospects WANT to connect with you and contact you. Now they’ll be eager to get in touch with you and ask for your help!

Custom Personal Linkedin Profile

Step 3: Stand Out - Separate Yourself From Your Competition


Your profile will clearly make you stand out from your competition by being perceived as the ‘Go to Expert’ and leave your competitors wondering what happened to their leads! We research your market, your competition, your ideal clients and more to create your profile. We blend your specific skills, experience and your personality into a compelling profile designed to “pop” for anyone searching for your particular keywords or industry. We even incorporate videos, podcasts, articles, images and more to build both your value proposition and your branding so that you stand ‘head and shoulders’ above your competition.

Here's a few client Custom Personal Linkedin Profiles we designed:






So What’s The Investment?

The only other companies around who provide similarly designed Custom Personal Linkedin profiles (and we’re not talking about Linkedin resumes for employees wanting a better job) charge anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

Yet with Social Media Top Team, we make it both easy and cost effective for you to monetize Linkedin. You get TOP RESULTS from Linkedin without having to invest TOP Dollar.

Your Custom SEO Optimized, Lead Generating Custom Personal Linkedin profile is Only $799

Stop putzing around with a poorly designed Linkedin Personal profile and start generating HIGH Quality sales leads for your business with your Custom Personal Linkedin Profile starting today!


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