"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

Know Why Some Business Owners Always Make Money With Social Media?

social media marketing plan

They Have A Professionally Designed
Social Media Marketing Plan!


If you're SERIOUS about monetizing social media marketing, then why are you 'flying blind' with your social media marketing plan? It's surprising how many business owners we talk to, that are already doing social media marketing, yet have no clue as to what they're actually doing! This may astound you, yet many have simply read a few blog posts, watched a Youtube video or 2, and then think they know how to use social media to generate new clients and customers for their businesses.


The BIGGEST PROBLEMS You'll Have With Social Media Lead Generation And How The RIGHT
Social Media
Marketing Plan Solves Them All

Other business owners shop around for, literally, the cheapest priced company that claims to be 'Experts' in social media marketing (NOTE: have you learned yet that in business you ALWAYS get what you pay for?). These companies tell them that by posting 100s of other people's articles (curated content) in their social pages that somehow, magically, they'll start getting more clients & customers. Of course, 4-6 months later these same business owners still haven't gotten ANY RESULTS.

Other self proclaimed 'Social Media Experts' tell you not to think of social media for lead generation. Use it for 'exposure and branding'. Translation, they have NO CLUE as how to generate leads for your business from your social media marketing.

You Can Laugh At Your Social Media Marketing Worries
-- If You Follow Our PROVEN Plan

Our ‘Social Media Marketing Plan 360’ is the choice of serious business owners and marketers who want to get optimal results quickly without wasting a lot of time and money. Why spend your hard earned money and time making a list of your 'best guess social media strategies' and gamble on the future of your business? Doesn't it make sense to have experienced, Social Media Authorities And Professionals do the work for you?

The Social Media Marketing Plan 360 includes an EXPERT Social Media Lead Generation Specialist personally developing your social media marketing campaign strategy to optimize your lead generation  and conversion results.

This 24 point package includes:

  • Developing your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Positioning yourself as a ‘Go To Expert’
  • Determining the sites that will generate the most revenue for you (there are 1,000s to choose from, not just Facebook and Twitter!)
  • Designing your business’s ‘Special Offers’
  • Your ‘Soft sells’
  • Your ‘Strong Sells'
  • Your lead generation strategy
  • Your conversion strategy
  • Your referral marketing strategy
  • Your viral marketing strategy
  • Leveraging client reviews, testimonials and case studies
  • Your image selection strategy
  • Securing your images for you!
  • Your personal connection strategy
  • Your social groups marketing strategy
  • Determining the SEO keywords that will get you the best results in each social site (the right keywords are different for each social site!)
  • Your target hashtags for your social profiles and posts (the right hashtags are different for each social site!)
  • How to leverage ‘Social Listening’ to find HOT leads searching for your services/products right now
  • Using niche targeted contests & time sensitive offers to drive MASSIVE traffic to your website
  • Your linking strategy
  • Securing your ‘High Interest’ Curated Content sources
  • Your optimal posting schedule (what days and times are best to post your content)
  • And more!

social media marketing plan

We even research your top competitors’ social media strategies and incorporate what’s working best for them! Get Everything You MUST HAVE to actually make social media marketing pay off for you and your business, even if you do your own social media marketing ‘in-house’.  This package includes a follow up phone consultation strategy session as well.


Companies Who Want To Spend Money And Get Virtually No Clients Should Keep Doing What They've Been Doing. The Other 99% May Want To Consider Investing Their Money in Top Team's Custom 'Social Media Marketing Plan 360', Proven Industry Wide For GETTING TOP RESULTS!


This complete, POWERFUL Social Media Marketing Plan 360, gives you everything to monetize and fuel your social media marketing campaign for the next 4-5 years and is literally Everything You NEED TO KNOW to actually make social media marketing pay off for you and your business. And while other social media agencies charge you anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 or more to design your social media marketing plan (theirs doesn't include all that ours does), your investment with us is much more affordable and fits very comfortably into your budget. Our Social Media Marketing Plan 360 is so effective, ALL of our social media clients get it BEFORE starting their social media campaigns.

Don't put it off any longer, get our Social Media Marketing Plan 360 to start generating new clients and referrals from your social media marketing  today!

just $499

NOTE - If we don’t handle your monthly social media marketing (you do it yourself ‘in-house'), then it’s just $799.



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