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Why bother with CUSTOM social media profiles? Simple, you’ve got one brief chance to entice a visitor to become a fan of your social media page. If your page is ‘stock’, boring and doesn’t effectively promote your brand or marketing, then what’s the point? Your visitors will look at your page for a few seconds and seeing nothing there that ‘grabs and holds them’, will simply click off to go somewhere else.

For effective social media lead generation and conversion, your social media profiles must instantly instill your brand into a site visitor and make them want to ‘hang out’ for awhile. The graphic design, the copy (words) and strategy should instantly engage your fans with your brand, increase customer recognition and add more value to your brand overall.

A well designed and optimized custom social media profile is proven to:

  • Be 3X more likely to get 1st time visitors to become fans of your social profile
  • Get your fans to share your pages and posts to their network more effectively
  • Gets your fans to come back and visit your page more often
  • Effectively highlight new services and products, upcoming events or current promotions and know for certain that visitors are made aware of them
  • Separate yourself from your competition. Many businesses now have social media profiles. By customizing your pages you instantly stand out from the crowd and make yourself the obvious choice to do business with

We also design Your ‘Highly Memorable’ brand profile image. This unique image carries your brand into your potential and existing customers news feeds everyday. So it’s actually all that they see of your profile on a daily basis. Noting else. Once they become a fan of your social media profile, they may not return to your profile page for awhile. They simply read your posts and go to where the links take them. So it’s important for that profile image to carry and instill your brand image into the minds of your fans SO THAT THEY REMEMBER YOU.

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Social Media Top Team also designs your customized banners, backgrounds and images for ALL of your social media platforms (LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter skins & headers, YouTube Channel Art, Google+ banner designs and more)! Need social media graphics & page apps for Facebook, graphics for Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Company pages, we’ve got you covered there too!



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Yet Wait!!! Pretty Design Alone DOES NOT SELL!


Why pay all of that money for a pretty twitter or facebook page that won’t generate any leads or even make you a dime? We can’t begin to tell you how many business owners we’ve come across who paid someone to design a pretty custom social media profile for their business; yet they weren’t generating any leads or making any money from them.

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Who Would You Rather Have Custom Design Your Social Media Profiles…A Graphic Designer Who Will Simply Make Them Look Pretty…Or A Company That Specializes In LARGE VOLUME Social Media Lead Generation With It’s Own Team Of Experienced 'Fortune 500 Caliber' Graphic Designers?

Isn’t it worth investing a little more to Get A LOT More?
First, we write a 100 to 200 word description for your business with our patented ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ copywriting system to ensure that when people read your profile it ‘Grabs & Holds’ them instantly and motives them to go to your lead conversion page, website, even call you and/or become a fan of your page.

Social Media Top Team then optimizes your social media profiles for your company’s SEO keywords so that they appear in Google and other search engines. We then ensure that your social media profiles are optimized for each social site’s search functions as well. So this way, when a potential customer searches on Linkedin, facebook, Youtube, etc. for your keywords, you’ll start appearing for their searches as well. Few companies even offer this!

NOTE - We can even design lead conversion pages within your facebook account to use in your facebook ads campaign.


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Percentage Of Clients That Generate ACTUAL CUSTOMERS From Their Custom Social Media Profiles
– Ours: 96% Theirs: 21% (We’re A Little Bit Higher)


We also set up albums and upload your pictures and videos into the albums for:

  • Your Team
  • Your company vacations
  • Your company outings
  • Your community social causes/projects
  • Your company Videos

We even crop and edit your photos AND optimize them for your company SEO keywords so that they help your profile appear in the search engines. With your videos, we upload them (very time consuming) and optimize ALL of your videos for your company’s SEO keywords so that they also help your social media profiles appear in the search engines. Few companies even offer this!

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So How Much Is It?

Social Media Top Team’s custom social media profile packages start at just $199!


Act now…start generating NEW leads from your custom social media profiles starting today.

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