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How A Little Known Direct Mail Marketing Strategy Increases Your SOCIAL MEDIA Lead Generation!


Many business owners at some point have tried direct mail marketing. Most don’t hire a company that is experienced at getting direct mail marketing results. They simply have some mailers designed and mail them out themselves. Oftentimes with little to no results. The worst part is they often conclude, “I tried direct mail already. It doesn’t work for my business.”

So when we ask how they did it, we usually hear, “Well I mailed out 1,500 postcards, to some list that I bought, I don’t remember which day of the week they received it. Anyway, we got a few phone calls but not any customers from it. We tried it twice and we just weren’t happy with our results. I told you, it doesn’t work for our business.”

So I guess a baby, who is just learning how to walk, after falling down the first couple of times, could just as easily determine that walking isn’t for them…everWink

Well the reality is that direct mail marketing has become even more effective in recent times. Why? Internet marketing! Everybody else has rushed to focus on internet marketing and this eliminated a lot of competition in direct mailing. This has caused a tremendous opportunity for businesses, that leverage the MOST EFFECTIVE direct mail marketing strategies, to drive new sales leads into their business unlike ever before.

Right And Wrong Direct Mail Marketing Methods
-- And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Sales

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Social Media Top Team’s direct mail marketing solution is called Direct Mail Prospector®. Our unique Direct Mail Prospector® marketing strategy is your perfect solution for getting NEW customers and getting repeat purchases from your existing customers. Unlike other direct mail companies, Top Team’s Direct Mail Prospector® campaigns are designed to tie into your social media and email marketing campaigns.

These highly effective campaigns can be made up of postcards, letters up to a custom box mailer with has lots of stuff in it that gets your prospective and existing clients really engaged like CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, books, magazines and anything that your target demographic greatly values.

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What Makes Direct Mail Prospector® BETTER?

First we help you research your target customer demographic and determine what would be the most effective conversion strategy for them. Then we help you acquire a HIGLY TARGETED, well researched AND verified mailing list (this is very important. 60% of direct mail success is your list!). Next, we determine what type of piece would get the best results, postcard, letter, 3 dimensional mailer, etc..

Then we design your mail piece with our patented ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ copywriting system to ensure it ‘Grabs & Holds’ them so that we get our usual 100% readership rate! Our team of expert copywriters and graphic designers, trained in the MYM System, will create your entire mailing campaign to motivate your Highly Targeted mailing list into buying from you, and only you, or feel foolish otherwise.

Your Direct Mail Prospector® mail piece is then laser focused on motivating your prospects to do one of 3 things:

1. Go to your website and sign up (or buy a product)
2. Go to your Lead Conversion Page and sign up
3. Call you and buy


It’s all about conversion baby!!! Remember, these days the majority of people will always go to your website first anyway, and research you first, before they ever call you. So incentivize it for them to do so. Our Direct Mail Prospector® mailers feature QR codes for smart phone and mobile tablet users. Your prospects simply scan the QR code to either get the ‘Special Offer’ (coupon, eBook, FREE product or service, video, etc.) or to be taken directly to your lead conversion page to have the ‘Special Offer’ emailed to them.

We even build a Lead Conversion Page inside Your Facebook page and direct the QR code, or use a custom url, to take them there to ‘become a fan’ of your facebook page to get Your Special Offer! A Client Favorite!


So How Much Is It?


Social Media Top Team’s Direct Mail Prospector® varies based on the type of mailer you want, how many prospects (B2B or B2C) you’re mailing to, how frequently you’re mailing, as well as some other factors. Yet to give you some idea:

A single micro mailing of (250) 4X6 ‘High Response’ postcards printed double sided with 4 color printing, addressed, postage applied and mailed out with first class mail is just $249

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