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Email AutoResponders…Solving Small Business Owners Biggest Marketing Complaint…

Follow Up
...Lead Follow up And Conversion!


Most companies are able to generate leads for their business with some degree of consistency. Whether it’s from social media, internet marketing, SEO, email broadcasting, etc. leads are generated. One of the big problems though is following up with the ones that aren’t ready to buy from you right now. Most small business owners simply try do it themselves or task their sales reps with following up with leads and prospects. They usually follow up by calling them, or emailing them, in an attempt to catch prospects when they are actually ready to buy. Needless to say, their results tend to be abysmal.


Human nature dictates that after making a few phone calls or sending a few emails, if the prospect keeps saying they’re not ready to buy, you and your sales reps are going to lose interest. This is if your prospects even continue answering the phones when you call!


Your Follow Up Complaints…Solved!

Well there is a BETTER WAY! You simply leverage Email AutoResponders to nurture your leads and prospects until they are ready to buy from you! No more calling each week, sending endless emails and hoping to get a response.  Your email autoresponders go to work automatically engaging, nurturing and selling your prospects for you until they are ready to buy! Then all you do is simply reply to your prospects when they either email you or call you to let you know that they’re ready to move forward. State of the art simple!

Here’s How It Works…

We design your email autoresponder conversion strategy, your email autoresponder content marketing strategy to engage and convert your leads, converting your subscribers into your Facebook fans, getting your subscribers to call you for a FREE consultation or Quote (or visit your website to make a purchase), your linking strategy, determining your optimal sending days & times and more.

Email sequence

We even write your actual email AutoResponders for you! We then upload ALL of your AutoResponder email series into your email client, formatting them and embedding images and videos. Our POWERFUL Solution provides everything you need to have one of the most effective and efficient, PROVEN follow up systems working on a daily basis, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to convert your leads and prospects into clients and customers for your business.

NOTE – Some even use our AutoResponder Solution to provide their own eCourse (online course) offer to convert more leads from their website!

So How Much Is It?

Unlike other companies that only provide the autoresponder software and make you do everything else yourself, Social Media Top Team handles everything for you to get your business up and growing with this highly effective strategy for a small one time investment.

One time Email AutoResponder design and set up – for up to 6 email sequences only $299

Stop losing clients, customers and new sales. Get our Email AutoResponder follow up solution to start growing your business today!

* For each additional 6 Email AutoResponder series only $199


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