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No one has to tell you that if you don’t currently leverage email newsletter marketing in your ‘marketing blend’ for your business; then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Your corporate email newsletter is one of the most cost effective means of lead nurturing, conversion and branding that you can use. It is actually THE PILLAR of Any ‘Results Getting’ Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Your prospects and customers check their email inbox all day, every day (both businesses and consumers). So your email newsletter is sure to reach them. It is a perfect way to nurture client relationships, convert early and late stage prospects, make ‘Special Offers’  to your email subscribers, promote upcoming events, webinars and maintaining TOMA (top of the mind awareness).

Even social media channels don’t offer the same benefits. In facebook and twitter, there’s all sorts of competition flooding down your prospects news feeds. Also, they may not even check their social media profiles every day. Yet email is a different story. Checking email in modern times is an absolute must. So you’re guaranteed for your email message to be seen.

One Of The Best Social Media Strategies To Convert More Customers

Yet being seen in their inbox and being opened and acted upon is a different matter altogether. Knowing how to craft the BEST subject lines to ensure that your email subscribers open your email newsletter, then having compelling content that your prospects will actually value and finally motivating them to ‘Click Through’ to go to a blog post, lead conversion page or your website is a finely tuned skill that few actually possess. This is why many business owners who try to do it themselves don’t get very good results. Most don’t get any results whatsoever! If you’re not an experienced email marketer, why would you do your own email newsletter marketing?

Social Media Top Team IS an Experienced, ‘Results Getting’ email newsletter marketing firm. We start out by first helping you to determine your email newsletter marketing strategy (what you actually want to accomplish with it). Then we determine your content strategy, your delivery strategy and schedule (including identifying the BEST day and time to deliver your email newsletter). Next, we design your branded custom email templates; write your newsletter issues for you and even tie in your blog posts, ‘Special Offers’, event invitations, sales offers, etc.

Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About Top Team’s ‘Results Getting’ Email Newsletter Marketing Solution!

For your email subscribers who can’t receive html messages, we design your email marketing message as text-based. If you need it, we help you compile, upload and clean your email lists. Finally, we send out your newsletters (to your email subscriber’s inboxes AND their social pages) and track your results. We even review the analytics with you and provide recommendations to improve your conversion and results.

Most importantly, WE GET RESULTS! And isn’t getting results what you REALLY want? Or do you really want to perform yet another marketing function ‘in house’ with little to no results?

So How Much Is The Investment?

Social Media Top Team’s email newsletter marketing service starts at only $150 per month.

Start getting REAL RESULTS from your email newsletter marketing starting today.

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