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30 Point Power-Branding Package Video Testimonial, Investment Firm

Social Media Branding & Coaching Video Testimonial, Insurance & Financial Services

Social Media Branding & Marketing Services Video Testimonial, Accounting Firm

ďI started my own telecom company 5 years ago. Business had been okay but I wanted it to be better. None of the incentive programs seemed to get our sales people to close any better. A colleague of mine told me about Social Media Top Team and hiring appointment setters. I thought about it and figured for $5 an hour it was worth a shot. Having someone else do appointment setting has made a huge difference. Our sales team was never that great at appointment setting and following up. We hired four reps total. Three of our reps set and confirm appointments. The other one does inbound customer service and tech support. Theyíre all very good. We've had a record year. Sales increased by more than 30%. Iíve recommended Social Media Top Team to several of my colleagues as wellĒ. - Tim Chuan, Telecom Industry

Virtual Employee Outsourcing Video Testimonial, Real Estate & Insurance Company

Customer Service Video Testimonial, Home Improvement Company

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Customer Service Audio Testimonial, Home Improvement Company

Graphic Design & Branding Solutions Video Testimonial, Reverse Mortgage Company

"My partner and I were starting up our real estate business with Prudential and we wanted to have our own website. So we had Social Media Top Team build one for us. We absolutely love the branded design and they also put in conversion tools that really make people sign up on our website. We're very satisfied with their work and we'd highly recommend them." - Darlene Paris, Realtor

Website Design & Internet Marketing Video Testimonial, Business Institute

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eCommerce Website & Lead Conversion Page Audio Testimonial, Retail Shoe Store

Customer Service Video Testimonial, Reverse Mortgage Company

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