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How A New Kind Of Facebook Marketing Strategy Can Improve Your Lead Flow In 30 Minutesmarketing strategy

With over 1 BILLON people on facebook (there’s only 7 billion walking around on the planet) it’s no surprise that companies are rushing to leverage facebook marketing to get NEW customers. Billions of dollars and years later, some companies have made money and many have not. With all of the ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’, social media companies and experts out there, you’d imagine it’d be easy.

When it comes to actually monetizing facebook, most social media companies will quickly start talking about facebook ads. And that’s not a bad idea, yet you’re leaving leads and money on the table. There are organic methods of generating 1,000s of highly targeted leads from facebook that are ABSOLUTELY FREE. You just have to know how to do it and invest about an hour per day doing them. So why don’t the other social media companies tell you about these methods?

One…they don’t know about them. And/or Two…they don’t want to tell you about them. The primary 2 methods that we use for our clients are facebook outbound AND facebook ads.


The Best Facebook Lead Generation Strategy For You To Get More Customers

Facebook Outbound
– Consists of a series of unique strategies to get highly targeted facebook users to become fans of your page, then go to your Lead Conversion Pages, or website, and then convert into your email newsletter software. From @tagging (pronounced ‘at’ – ‘tagging’) and using ‘strategic sharing’ into multiple facebook groups to generating fans from other social sites our clever little known outbound strategies get you thousands of fans. We even have a unique strategy for converting your twitter followers into facebook fans! Offered nowhere else!

Facebook Ads – Is facebook’s version of Pay Per Click. The difference being that while users navigate around their facebook profiles, rather than requiring search queries to trigger ad displays (like main search engines offering pay per click advertising), display ads simply appear as they are in the site.

The ad campaigns can be highly targeted and segmented, as most facebook users reveal EVERYTHING about themselves and their personal lives. You can target women over 30, living in Arizona, that have their own businesses and have children. OR target teenagers in New York who are into Parkour. The segmenting into niche markets is amazing on facebook! This makes it much easier to focus only on the people most likely to buy your products and services.

facebook ads


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The Biggest Problems You’ll Have With Facebook Ads Management
…And How Social Media Top Team Overcomes Them All

The only problem is there’s a precise science to making money for your business with facebook ads. Many business owners and social companies simply throw some ads up there, set the budget and hope for the best. This approach usually results in little to no leads, poor quality leads and a high cost per click. THIS IS VERY COMMON.

Even monitoring the performance of the campaign and making the right improvements at the right time requires people experienced in getting great results from facebook advertising.

Social Media Top Team is expert at getting the BEST Results for you from your facebook advertising campaigns. We actually teach the class on how to do it! We handle everything from:

  • Designing your facebook ads campaign strategy
  • Helping your determine and locate your ideal target audience
  • Choosing the perfect Keyword selection for each ad
  • Crafting the perfect message with your target audience
  • Securing and designing your images
  • Getting your ads approved (approximately 1/3 of ads get disapproved)
  • Rotating and refreshing your images (this sometimes needs to be done daily)
  • Daily monitoring and implementing improvements to greatly increase your response rate
  • Testing the best pages to send your facebook leads to (facebook tabs, your lead conversions pages, your website, etc.)
  • Managing the bidding and improving your ‘Click Through Rate’
  • And more!

Social Media Top Team specializes in maximizing your facebook ads results!


Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About Top Team’s Amazing Facebook Ads Management System!


So What’s The Investment?

With Social Media Top Team, we make it easy and cost effective for you to monetize facebook. You get the BEST RESULTS from facebook by leveraging a combination of both facebook outbound marketing AND facebook ads.

For Facebook Marketing Outbound, it varies based on what strategies you want us to employ and for how much time each day. Yet for a basic 30 minutes per day solution, packages start at just $175/month

For Facebook Ads management, packages start at just $199/month

Don’t put it off any longer, start generating HIGH Quality sales leads from facebook marketing starting today!


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