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Getting financial advisor leads, annuity leads, investor leads or even 401k rollover leads from many lead companies can be very expensive and hazardous to your business's 'financial health'. You already know this. With the average price of leads costing anywhere from $30 - $100 or more, it can become very pricey very fast. And this is whether you close sales from them or not!

EXCLUSIVE Leads: The Question That Other Lead Companies Hope You'll Never Ask Them

Add to this, that most lead companies resell the same exact lead they sell to you; to a bunch of other financial advisors and estate planners, and you can understand why your closing ratios aren't where you'd like them to be.

Ok...so you decide to pay extra for an EXCLUSIVE lead. This way you 'block' out your competition from getting that same lead. Right?..WRONG!

When you buy an exclusive lead, always ask the lead company 'HOW LONG is it exclusive for?' That's when you find out that your annuity leads are only exclusive for a short amount of time (anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks). This means that once that time frame is up, they WILL RESELL your lead to many other financial advisors and estate planning companies.

There's 2 Ways To Buy Your Financial Advisor Leads: From Lead Companies, Or From Their Source...US

Did you know many financial advisor leads services companies, either use internet marketing (SEO, Pay Per Click, etc.) to generate their financial planning leads or they simply hire an expert marketing company (like us) to generate their leads for them. And then they sell those same leads to you for $1,000s of dollars!

Why not simply cut out the 'middle man' and get Your Own Financial Planning Leads for pennies on the dollar?

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The Biggest Problems You'll Have With Most Lead Companies... And How Social Media Top Team Overcomes Them All.

With other financial planning leads companies, they send you your leads after they've been generated. You don't really know how long they've have the lead (or how many other financial advisors they've sent it to). Regardless of what they tell you. Also, you now have to call the lead back.

And understand these financial planning or 401k rollover leads (everyday people) DID NOT CALL YOUR COMPANY in the first place. So they have no idea who you are when you call them. Why else do you think you have to call them 5 - 10 times to finally pitch them?

Plus add to this they're getting called by other financial planning companies as well. Some of which use high pressure sales tactics, which turns prospects off and puts them on their guard BEFORE you call them.

We solve all of this by getting you your very own financial advisor leads calling for YOUR COMPANY directly and asking for a quote SPECIFICALLY from you. There is a world of difference between an inbound annuity sales lead calling you on the phone and asking you for a consultation versus a cold lead that's been called by a bunch of other companies.

Your annuity, investor, turning 65 or 401k rollover leads are generated in REAL TIME, so when they call you, your phone rings instantly! Or we get them to sign up on your website to download an offer and request a consultation with you. Once again, you get their information instantly. And be assured ALL OF YOUR LEADS ARE YOURS and no one else's...FOREVER!

How To Get More Financial Advisor Leads In One Call

Take a look at some of our financial planning lead generation solutions below. This will give you some idea of our PROVEN financial advisor and estate planning Lead Generation services. Next, simply give us a call for a FREE consultation and to get our pricing guide as well.

We'll show you how to generate the exact amount of financial planning leads that you want, within a budget that you can easily afford.

=> Check out our Financial Advisor Lead Generation Services

Whose Fault Is It When You Don't Have NEW Sales Leads For You And Your Sales Reps?

Why sit around disillusioned, waiting for the next annuity, investor, turning 65 or 401k rollover lead to come in when you can have your own leads being generated on a consistent basis giving you ALL THE LEADS You NEED and want to grow your business?

Don't put if off any longer. Start getting your very own EXCLUSIVE financial planning Sales Leads for your financial advisor and estate planning business for pennies on the dollar. Call now.

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