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Many financial advisors want to be able to leverage social media and content marketing in their practices to be able to acquire new clients and get more assets under management. So many of them simply read some articles, watch some videos and attend a few webinars to learn how to do it. Other advisors sign up for social media posting services that simply automatically post a seemingly endless supply of other people’s content to their social pages. As you may have guessed, few if any advisors get any result with these approaches.

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To get measurable results, it’s important to understand what content you want to be using and why. A portion of your content that you post to your social pages should be curated content (other’s people’s articles that you share) and the other portion MUST BE YOUR OWN CONTENT. There are no exceptions!


Many advisors don’t want to embrace this reality. They want to do the LEAST amount possible with social media and then place unrealistic expectations on their results. Think about it, if you all you do is share other people’s content, then who is the expert? They are…not you! You have to be the expert. All prospective clients want to deal with an expert not some person who simply sells financial products. So this means you have to share your expertise, education and experience in bite sized, easily digestible content pieces that your target market will find tasty, relevant and intriguing. Then consistently share this tasty, relevant content through your social channels.


By far the easiest way to do this is with your own financial blog. It’s easy to simply sit at your desk and write 1 article per week on various topics. Though in theory, it’s easier said than done. This is one of the reasons why we recommend to our clients to do a financial podcast instead of a blog.




We’re not going to discuss podcasts in this article as we have already done a complete video tutorial on podcasting for Financial Advisors. Yet in a nutshell, podcasts entail you once again sitting at your desk and simply speaking into a microphone (no writing or typing) as you record it into your computer. Once finished, you simply upload the audio file to your podcast and post it on your social pages. A very simple, easy and effective way to produce your own content.

NOTE - video is also an option and while very effective, is more involved in the production of content.

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of 7 financial advisors who produce great content, that is niche focused and perfectly branded to their target markets. Look at their blogs and social pages and you will learn some great lessons. One lesson that should become readily apparent is that each has decided to focus on only 1 – 3 (maximum) niche markets and that’s it! Focusing on 1 niche market is ideal. This empowers you to produce content that is laser focused and highly relevant to them.

Take a look:


This advisor does a great job of designing content around topics that effect his niche market, pre-retirees and retirees, on a day to day basis. He doesn’t simply write general topic posts such as ‘What Is Long Term Care Insurance’.


This advisor also does a great job with designing his content for his niche market. He also targets school teachers in his state.


A great blog that once again produces good content that is instantly relevant to his niche markets. One of the great features is that, much of his advice is immediately actionable. His readers can implement and benefit from his tips today…not just 10 – 20 years from now.


This advisor does a great job of branding herself and making it very clear who her niche market is. Her content clearly reflects this.

blog success



This blog does a great job of identifying it’s niche market, Generation Xers, and writing about topics that are instantly intriguing and engaging to them.


This financial advisor also does a great job of providing relevant blog posts for her niche markets. Even having timely posts for recent college graduates!


This advisor has done a great job of identifying his niche markets: women who have went through a divorce; have been widowed or have went though some major life event that has caused them some emotional or financial hardship. You notice how his content is once again laser focused to be highly relevant to the day to day lives of his target market.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. Decide on your target niche markets (1 is ideal yet no more than 3); write a 3 – 4 paragraph tip that would be relevant to their day to day lives and post it on your blog or podcast. Finally, share it on your social pages and your email newsletter. That’s it!


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