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Learn A Powerful Financial Advisor Lead Generation Marketing Strategy


As you already know, referrals are the best type of prospects to get. They’re late stage prospects that usually are ready to move forward relatively quickly. They have already been prepped as to your company and personal brand, your capabilities, etc. so they are pre-sold on you. If only ALL of your prospects were like this!

One of the best things about referrals is that you don’t pay any marketing costs up front to get them and the conversion ratio from prospect to client tends to be very high. Well we’re going to share with you a proven marketing strategy for financial advisors that will help you get a consistent flow of 3-5 (or more) prequalified referrals each and every month.

STEP 1: Set Up and Build 10 - 15 strong Referral Relationships with Referral Partners (Centers Of Influence) that have a database of clients that you want.

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STEP 2: Nurture those Referral Relationships into actual ‘Business Friendships’.

Many financial advisors try to set up referral marketing relationships with accountants, lawyers, etc. only to find that many of these professionals are NOT interested in referring business to them. Or they establish the relationship with these professionals, and even send THEM referrals, only to find it’s not being reciprocated. Setting up referral partners and then getting them to actually send you referrals takes the right strategy and patience. Yet once established will transform your business.

There are simple ways of building these ‘Business Friendships’. Some include having them join your Linkedin group, sign up for your email newsletter, invite them to your webinars/tele-seminars each month and periodically send direct emails to them to nurture the relationship.

You also want to leverage mutual interests (ex. golf, going to restaurants for lunch or dinner, biking, jogging, etc.). You can find their interests on their Linkedin profile or by asking them.

Finally, and this is one of the most important, invite them to do some joint marketing with you. You want to position yourself with your Referral Partner so they perceive you as wanting to help them look good in front of their clients and to help them grow their business. No one can resist this offer! You instantly become a V.I.P. on their list.

We’ll cover some other joint marketing strategies for financial advisors in an upcoming post yet for now 2 of the simplest ways are:

a) Have them co-author an article (or podcast) with you and post it on your blog (as well as guest posting it on other’s blogs).

b) Have them co-author an eBook with you.

You can imagine what their response will be… “Yes!”. And once the article or eBook is ready, they will happily promote it to all of their clients. Which means they promote both you and them to their clients as well.


Understand that most of them never get offered opportunities like what you’re offering. Especially from financial advisors! So you solidify their interest, separate yourself from other financial advisors and make yourself the obvious choice to refer business to.

These strategies will not only build strong business friendships for you yet also get them to start referring clients to you within the first 90 days.


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STEP 3: Teach Them HOW to Refer to You, WHO to Refer to You and WHY to Refer to You

Establish a simple system for how they refer someone to you (ex. They give their client your business card, then do a phone introduction or an email introduction with you). Plus, you want to interact with your new referral partners as if you were 2 colleagues working on a common project.

You also want to make it clear to them who your ideal client is, so they know which of their clients to refer to you. This will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Finally, you want articulate to them why they should refer those clients to you so both they and their client know why you’re the best choice. This is accomplished with your company and personal branding as well as having a few case studies (or client stories) that you show them to demonstrate what you and your firm are capable of.

With 10 - 15 strong referral relationships like we describe here, you can you see how it is possible to receive 2 - 4 referrals per year (or more), from each of your referral partners.



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