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(That’s What They’ll Say If You Get Caught Using The Wrong Graphic Design Company)


Your Graphic Design Is The First Thing Your Prospective Customers See! Considering the first thing your prospect sees when looking at your marketing piece is the design of it (not only the eye-catching image on it but the organization of its content as well), having a great design can greatly improve the chance of your marketing piece actually being read.

Graphic designers focus on visual communication and presentation of content. From typography to visual artistry to page layout, the graphic designer works to make your marketing piece ‘pure eye candy’ and, more importantly, readable. Having great content or a sensational offer means nothing if no one reads it or, if poorly designed, no one can understand the flow of the marketing piece.

Social Media Top Team's graphic designers produce exactly what you want by utilizing their graphic design experience and knowledge of the ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ System. Our Design Team creates anything from logos to product design, and each has been trained in the ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ System to ensure that they consistently produce graphic design layouts that will make you money.

Your marketing pieces have also got to have a powerful visual impact that instantaneously communicates that:

a) You're professional

b) You've got a solution to their problem

c) There's a way to get more information

We give your business a TOP CALIBER ‘Fortune 500’ look and feel!



There’s 2 Ways To Buy Your Graphic Design Services: From Advertising Agencies Or From Their Source...Us


Some of our graphic design services include:

Logo Design
Brochure Design
Business Card Design
Business Flyer Design
Postcard Design
Presentation Folder Design
Stationary Design
Packaging Design 
Custom Illustration
Trade Show Design
Newsletter Design
T-Shirt Design
Sales Presentation Folder Design
Vehicle Decal Design
Poster, Banner & Sign Design
DVD/CD-ROM/VHS Cover Design

Do you wait until the last minute? Do you need graphic design by tomorrow? We even provide EMERGENCY RUSH SERVICE!

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Check out samples of our graphic design work on Pinterest. Click here

Corporate Identity Packages

Your Corporate identity is literally how your target customers, and your own organization, views your company. This is the first part of your brand that prospective customers get to ‘feel’. It integrates the look and feel of your designs and communications, along with your company’s behavior. A professionally designed corporate identity results in much more profitable marketing campaigns. A cohesive look in ALL of your communication is vital for building trust and credibility in your prospective customer's minds.

Social Media Top Team helps you shape the way your business is seen by your customers. Our Design Team has over 20 years of experience building corporate identities that build business. The results are outstanding corporate identity packages that can be delivered even for the tightest deadlines.

See some of our Corporate Identity Packages on pinterest.com


Logo Design

You logo serves as your ‘brand anchor’. All of the emotions that you want both prospective and existing customers to feel about your company are linked to your logo. It also enables immediate recognition of your company, expresses your company's overall character, communicates a feeling of familiarity and credibility, and becomes your stamp of quality guaranteed. The logo is the easily identifiable graphic that shares both who you are and what you do and as such should exist on every marketing piece you produce.

Social Media Top Team's Design Team helps you create the logo that will stand the test of time. Working alongside you, we craft a design that satisfies all of the above mentioned criteria for a successful icon that will suit your business and all of your marketing needs. Our logos don't just create an identity; they create a connection with the audience they speak to and differentiate the product or service being offered. Your logo should allow your customer to see you as providing a distinct solution to their unique problem. A logo speaks volumes about what your company does, what its values are and what it can achieve. Social Media Top Team's Design Team makes sure your logo has as much personality as you do.

See some of our Logo Designs on pinterest.com

Post Cards

Your postcards are the muscle of your direct mail campaigns. They should instantly ‘Grab & Hold’ your prospects, stop them in their tracks, change their entire world and make them focus on your marketing message. Does yours do this?

Social Media Top Team's graphic design services get you EXACTLY what you want by utilizing their graphic design experience and knowledge of the ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ System. Our Design Team creates postcards, regular and oversized, that generate phone calls, sign ups on your website and conversions on your lead capture pages.

See some of our Post Card Designs on pinterest.com


So What’s The Price?


Each project varies based on what you want and what your needs are. Yet to give you some idea, Social Media Top Team's graphic design services start at:


Just $199 for logo design (inlcudes 2 logo design concepts)




Only $150 for postcard design (inlcudes 'High Response' copywriting and graphic design)

Don’t put it off any longer, give your business that ‘Fortune 500’ look and feel.



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