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Why Use Infographics To Market Your Business?


More Qualified Sales LEADS! Pure and simple. Good infographics should do what they are designed to do…educate your target market about whatever idea or topic you’re promoting AND to drive quality sales leads back to your web site. A well designed infographic is nothing more than a viral marketing strategy; that establishes you as an authority; reaches the widest target audience possible; and generates referral leads back to your website.

Your target audience then continues to share it with others in their circle either through social media sites (NOTE – It’s proven images get more shares and likes on Facebook than any other post type including video), posting it on websites and blogs, or forwarding links to your website where your infographic is located.  This generates a steady stream of highly targeted referral leads (traffic) from relevant websites and blogs to your web site. If your infographic ties into a topic that’s in the news, it can even get press coverage (TV, radio, websites, newspaper, etc.)!

Better still, because of all of the backlinks from all of the websites and blogs linking to yours, search engines view your site as a more authoritative source and assign you improved search engine rankings for terms related to your infographic topic. This means that you get even more highly targeted referral leads (traffic) for many more months.

All of this equates to more qualified selling opportunities for you!


HOT TIP! To turbocharge your results, tie your infographic into a hot topic that’s currently in the news. Then have a professional Press Release written about your infographic and submitted to the major media outlets. Not only will it show up in Google News yet it may get picked up by the media as well. This can drive TONS OF SALES LEADS to your website!

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Beware of infographic designers with low skill!

bad infographic design


This is a badly designed infographic. It's cluttered and doesn't educate the target audience on anything. It's more of an eyesore and makes you more confused the longer you look at it!


So What Makes A GOOD Infographic?

Eye Catching Design, Catchy Title, A Compelling Story, Great Data & Shareworthiness

Eye Catching Design – How do you best visually represent the information to connect with your target audience? A long, winding timeline with silhouette representations of important milestones perhaps? Or something short, leveraging the use of icons? Either way it better be eye candy and engage your target audience from start to finish and not be at all confusing.

Catchy Title – A simple, short, clear and well articulated title that grabs and holds their attention is what you want. Think of getting their attention on Twitter with a short catchy tweet (ex. ‘Why Breathing Is Killing You’, ‘How An IRS Audit Works’, etc.)

A Compelling Story – It should follow this format: problem, clever message and solution. The story should tie into your broader marketing message. Are you educating clients on the need for your product or service? Demonstrating your expertise and deep industry knowledge? Don’t try to sell in your infographic, simply educate. Nobody wants to share your advertisements. Your ideal ‘Compelling Story’ should connect with your target market and build a sound, compelling argument to prove your premise.

Great Data – First of all, your data MUST support your ‘Compelling Story’. It should also be relevant, timely and newsworthy. Your infographic should take otherwise complex data and simplify it, allowing for ‘effortless absorption’ by your target audience. Ideally, it’s even enjoyable reading it. It works best with data that includes: elements of time (line graphs and timelines), location (maps), spreadsheets and scale (bar charts and visual comparisons).

Shareworthy - Time the release of your infographic with some recent hot news item, upcoming popular event, etc. (ensure that it has mass appeal to your target market). You’ve now got something worth the press reporting on, people commenting on, people sharing links about, etc.. Remember you don’t have to convince people to read it, they’re already talking about the topic to begin with. This also means that it’ll come up in search results when people are searching for information on that topic.


Look at some of our infographic designs on pinterest


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