Internet Marketing Tips - How To Use Email AutoResponders To Close More Sales And Get New Customers

"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

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Many small business owners search for new cost effective strategies to generate new sales and grow their business. So they spend $1,000s of dollars on various marketing and advertising schemes to generate new leads for their business. What’s amazing is that with all of the new leads that they generate, very few business owners leverage any type of follow up systems to convert the leads that don’t buy right away.



Understand, on average, only a small percentage of your new leads are ready to buy from you right now. The majority of them tend not to be ready, they just want information from you (pricing, how your service works, guarantees, warranties, etc.). Yet they will buy from you at some future date (2-3 months from now 6 months from now, 1 year from now, etc). We cover this phenomenon in our highly popular video blog post 'Leveraging The Buyer's Spectrum'.



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So the key is to have a low cost, AUTOMATED SYSTEM in place that will consistently and predictably convert both NEW and OLD LEADS into clients and repeat customers. Because you don’t have time to keep following up with a bunch of leads each month to find out if they’re ready to do business with you yet. And no one wants to spend $100s or $1,000s of dollars each month just to follow up with leads and prospects.



What Is An Email AutoResponder?

This is where Email AutoResponders come in. An email autoresponder is a series of emails, focused on a specific topic(s) designed to convert your leads over time, delivered in a pre-determined sequence at pre-determined intervals. Your leads and prospects start receiving the AutoResponders either when they fill out a form on your website, sign up for one of your offers on a lead conversion page (landing page), or when you enter them manually into your AutoResponders. Simple enough.


How To Use Email AutoResponders To Increase Sales

You use your Email AutoResponders to educate, instill trust and build credibility with your prospects throughout the entire ‘Buyer’s Journey’. Realize, that there are various stages that all of your leads go through, and information that they want to know at those stages, when they’re considering doing business with you. We cover this in detail our highly popular video blog post ‘The 6 Stages Of The Customer Buying Cycle’.



While your autoresponders can educate your prospects about your company, your team, your process, etc.; they can also promote special offers and sell for you also. Image automating a hands free sales process! The key to make this work is having the right content marketing strategy that arrives at the right balance of both educational and promotional copy. Your educational content is important, because virtually no one wants to open up a series of emails from you that are just advertisements. Yet they do want to learn more about your solutions, how they work, customer reviews, etc.


We cover how to design your business’s AutoResponder Content Marketing Strategy in our article How To Design Your Email AutoResponder Content Marketing Strategy’.


Finally, when designed and executed properly, your email autoresponder series will make regular appearances in their inboxes, establish you as the ‘Go To Expert’ in your industry, personally connect with your prospects, instill trust and credibility in them, clearly separate you from your competition and make you the obvious choice to do business with.


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