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7 Tips To Keep Your Yelp Reviews From Getting Filtered. That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video.


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Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team. We help business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging social media, email and high performance marketing strategies.

Let’s get right to it. Many businesses want to leverage local search optimization to get more LOCAL customers for their business. One important part of your local search optimization campaign are online review sites. And the most important review site out there is Yelp.

Good reviews on yelp often translate into more sales leads and customers for your business. The really frustrating things is when Yelp’s review filter, filters your reviews! You’ll read about a lot of people complaining about their yelp reviews getting filtered out so when people go to their yelp profile, they're not there! Imagine getting amazing reviews on yelp, only to go to your yelp profile and all your yelp reviews are gone! Grrrrh!

Yelp filters reviews that it thinks are likely to be fake. Like reviews written by someone who isn’t actually a customer or is compensated in some way. Yet the yelp review filter also filters legitimate positive yelp reviews as well. And since there is no Mr. Yelp, whose office you can walk into and punch him in the nose, you have to resort to being a bit more clever. So here’s 7 tips that you can use to help keep your yelp reviews from getting filtered by yelp’s review filter.

Tip #1. Tell customers to leave 4 star and 3 star reviews. Research has shown that 1 star and 5 star reviews get filtered the most.

Tip #2. Tell your yelp reviewers to make sure that they have a profile image in their yelp profile. If they don't have a profile image, their review most likely will be filtered.

Tip #3. Tell your yelp reviewers to make sure they completely fill out their yelp profile. If their yelp profile is not completely filled out, their review will most likely be filtered.

Tip #4. Your yelp Reviewers should have a track record of reviewing other businesses on yelp. When getting customers to review your business on yelp, they should have a history of reviewing other businesses before your business and also reviewing some additional businesses after your business. That's how yelp works. So, if a customer  simply logs in, sets up a yelp profile revews your business and then logs out and never reviews any other business, their yelp review will most likely be filtered.

Tip #5. Tell your customer’s that Yelp reviews can't be too short. Short reviews get filtered over longer ones. Let’s say you get a yelp review that read something like “great service! Highly recommend them!” that yelp review will most likely get filtered. Yet the challenge is most customers don’t know how to write a long review. So what you do is you email them a yelp review template  and tell them to put it in their own words. Let's take a look at this yelp review template. What you see here is this is the email. The upper portion of the email read something like

"Hi! Thank you so much for being our customer! We'd really appreciate it if you could leave us a great review on Yelp" (And then you have the url for your yelp profile.) "Here's a sample review you can use for ideas. Simply put it into your own words. P.S If you can leave the words in bold that would be great thanks!"

So this is what's on top, and then underneath that is this template. Let's say your restaurant. And here what it says:

"I wanted to go to an Authentic Mexican restaurant so I went to El cholo in downtown Los Angeles. Amazing restaurant! Their guacamole is the best, hands down, anywhere. They make it right in front of you. I had the Taste of History platter and a cup of tortilla soup. The platter and the rolled taco were delicious!"

So this yelp review is a paragraph long. And you notice the words in bold? Those can be your seo keywords. This way as yelp reviewers are leaving you yelp reviews, they’re also seo optimizing your yelp profile to rank for your seo keywords in yelp and ALL the search engines!

Let's take a look at one more. That one was for restaurant we'll do one for service industry. This is for a real estate.

"ABC Realty has helped me sell my old home and purchase a new one. Their knowledge of the Dallas Forth Worth area and expertise on presenting my property helped me to sell my home quickly. When I purchased my new home, my Real Estate agent(Agent Name) negotiated very well and helped us to get a great price on our new home. I'm very pleased! You can't go wrong with this realtor. Good luck!"

So again, his yelp review is a paragraph long. And again, the words in bold obviously are the SEO keywords. Realty, realtor, real estate agent and Dallas Forth Worth area, those are the SEO keywords. So imagine, when you get your yelp reviews and all the other optimized SEO keywords, that's why they rank it caused your profile to rank higher in yelp search engines and also rank higher in google, yahoo, bing, and all other search engines as well. BAM!!! How do ya’ like them apples Yelp!

Tip #6. Add your yelp reviewers as friends and send them a message. Here’s something that you can personally do to keep your yelp reviews from getting filtered. When you add your yelp reviewers as friends and send them a message, it makes your yelp reviewer yelp profile appear a lot more credible, also the interaction gives their yelp profile a lot more legitimacy to yelp review filter.

Tip #7. Respond to your yelp reviews and vote the review as being either “Useful” , “Funny” or “Cool”. This once again lends a lot credibility to your yelp reviewer’s review and this helps to keep it from getting filtered by yelp’s review filter. Also when you respond to your yelp reviews, it causes your yelp profile to rank higher in Yelp’s search engine! Which also helps get more customers for your business from your local search optimization campaign.

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