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So you know how effective email autresponders can be for generating more sales and converting new clients and customers for your business from our previous article “How To Use Email AutoResponders To Close More Sales And Get New Customers". Now we’re going to share with you the basics of how to design the actual content to use in your email autoresponder marketing campaign.



What you didn’t know you had to have an email autroesponder content marketing strategy? Well think about it, without sending your prospects the information that they want and need to justify making a buying decision, why would they buy from you? And the worst thing is to just send out a series of advertisements. People will simply stop reading your autoresponders altogether and unsubscribe from your list!


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The most effective way to design your content is to both instill the ‘3 Cs’ of marketing and sales and educate them through the entire Client Buying Cycle.
The ‘3 Cs’ of marketing and sales entail personally C.onnecting with your prospects, instilling C.onfidence in your prospects and building C.redibility with your prospects. This is fundamental for getting any type of results. Forging a personal connection with your target demographic, instilling trust and building credibility with them are key to get them to become a client in the first place and then to get them to make repeated purchases or investments.





Next is choosing topics that educate them throughout ‘The 6 Stages Of The Customer Buying Cycle’. We cover this in detail in our previous Video Blog post - ‘Leveraging The 6 Stages Of The Customer Buying Cycle' . You want your content to match each stage, especially for Stages 3 (the heavy research stage – when they’re searching for ALL of their solution options) and Stage 5 (vendor selection – when they’re deciding on which company to go with).


So a content marketing strategy for a home improvement company might be:


AutoResponder Topic 1:

Roof Disease! The 6 Most Common Reasons Why Your Roof Has To Be Replaced


AutoResponder Topic 2:

What Is Roof Underlayment And How It Protects Your Roof

AutoResponder Topic 3:

[VIDEO] Our PROVEN 7 Step System For Replacing Your Roof - Illustrated

AutoResponder Topic 4:

10 Point Checklist For Choosing The RIGHT Roofing Company For You


AutoResponder Topic 5:


How To Check Your Roofer’s Report Card! Are they A+ or F-

AutoResponder Topic 6:

Insured Or Uninsured Roofing Company. Which Should You Go With?

AutoResponder Topic 7:

[VIDEO] 3 Customers Tell The TRUTH About Their New Roofs

AutoResponder Topic 8:

6 Undisputed Reasons Why We’re BETTER Than Other Roofers



You get the idea. The educational content provides your prospects with everything that they need to become a mini-expert in roofing (or whatever your service or product is that you’re selling – insurance, investments, solar energy, consulting, legal, etc.).

A few other ways of coming up with topics that you KNOW your prospects want to know about are:


Research your SEO keywords – Using Google’s Keyword Planner tool will help you find the most popular search keywords and phrases that your target demographic is searching for. Simply shape your topics around these keywords. We produced a very popular video on how to do this entitled ‘How to do keyword research to find the right SEO keywords for your website and how to find out what keywords your competitors are using?’


Make a list of the most commonly asked questions that your prospects tend to have when you first talk to them. Then design a series of emails to answer each question.


Survey your existing customers and clients – Your current customers are a logical starting point. Simply question them via email or telephone with your survey. Ask them what topics were most important to them when they were considering buying what you sell.




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Use social media – Observe some popular blogs in your industry and see which topics generate the most shares and comments. Also, observe discussions in online forums like Yahoo Answers. You can even post questions into any social media groups that you belong to.



These are excellent ideas and strategies for designing your Email AutoResponder Content Marketing Strategy. Start implementing them today to greatly increase your sales and customer conversions!



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