Internet Marketing Tips - How To Do SEO Keyword Research To Find The Right SEO Keywords For Your Website AND Find Out Your Competitors Keywords

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How to do keyword research to find the right SEO keywords for your website and how to find out what keywords your competitors are using? That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video.


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Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team. We help business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging online video, social media and unconventional marketing strategies.

Let’s get right to it. Many people want to leverage search engine optimization like Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest, to get more sales leads for their business. So they start doing seo keyword research and find that it’s not so easy to find good keywords for their website and business. Without knowing how to find the right keywords for seo for your website or blog, you’ll get lousy results or no results at all. You’d be surprised to find out how many businesses DON”T KNOW THEIR SEO KEYWORDS! They also don’t know how to do seo keyword research. Which means they have no idea what their customers are searching for online. That’s a sure fire recipe for disaster.

We have clients who invested $1,000s of dollars in seo services with other companies only to find that they were ranking FOR THE WRONG SEO KEYWORDS. In other words, seo keywords that weren’t getting their phones ringing or driving qualified leads to their website. Bottom line, they weren’t making any money. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

We’re going to show you 6 quick ways to do keyword research for the right seo keywords for your website or blog. These include 5 popular free keyword search suggestion tools. By the way, the 6th and final method is going to blow your mind! So make sure you stay to the end of the video

Let’s start with what are seo keywords. There are 2 different types of seo keywords: short tail and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are 1 – 2 word phrases usually, that are broad and commonly searched terms. Like what you see here...running shoes There’s more competition for short tail keywords since they’re more commonly used.

While long tail keywords, are a combination of 3 - 6 words, or more, that are specific and relevant to the services or products that you sell. Some of their benefits include that you can more easily rank in search engines for them; they won’t have as much competition and can boost your sales conversions because these searches are more qualified searches and often are late stage prospects. You see this is a long term keyword: order running shoes online. This is a late stage keyphrase, someone whose ready looking to order running shoes online. 

So, to get started in learning how to do seo keyword research, simply step into your customer’s shoes and you want to conduct an imaginary search for what you’re selling. Or ask friends and relatives to suggest long tail keywords if they were to search for your products or services.

So let’s say we search for this keyphrase ‘small business coaching’. Let’s go find some variations. Right here to google and check out what they have to offer.

1) The 1st free key word suggestion tool is using Google Suggestions. Simply type in a few seo keyphrases, then look at the suggestions and make note of any that you like. So I'm going to type in, small, you see these things are the suggestions coming in, so small business coaching. Here we go. And you see already some other suggestions coming down, so coaching fees, services, certification, tools, sydney..these are the areas so make note of any that you actually like.

2) Now, the 2nd free keyword search tool is ‘Searches related to…’ and this is located at the bottom of the page to come up with some keyword ideas as well. Once again, simply type in a few seo keyphrases, this time we're going to add ‘small business coaching tips’, bingo. Then what happens is we're going to scroll down to the bottom of the page. By the way, here are two of our videos here Social Media Top Team and here ranking page 1, position in 1 and 2 out of over 43 million results, video SEO baby! alright so go to the bottom of the page. And what you’ll see are searches related to small business coaching tips and this was great about it. So you see some of the other keyword searches that people are typing related to that keyphrase You can even click on some of the terms to see other related terms. Remember these are the terms that your target demographic are searching for. So we click on business coaching tips ideas and let's go to the bottom and you see here some other ideas, leadership coaching tips, coaching tips for managers that kind of thing. Very cool and again free.

3) The 3rd free keyword checker tool is using Google’s keyword planner.
And what you going to do is Simply key in ‘Google’s keyword planner’. Google Keyword Planner and then we're going to click here in the keyword planner. And you see over here sign in. So you actually need to sign into the account, like so. Now, if you don’t have an account, set up a free gmail account.

To set up a free gmail account, just going to type in gmail click on Gmail. And right here you see at the bottom that says ‘create an account’ just click on that and set up an account. And that's it. Alright now that you’ve done this, you want to go back to google keyword planner and login. So let's to go back to the google keyword planner and log in and let's do we go. Alright we're logging in..and now one thing, usually when you log in it will take you to this page sometimes if you're logging in it will take you to another page so it sometimes close people off. So if  you want to put up an another page other than that one. Just go to tools and a drop down menu will appear and just go to Keyword Planner, remember thats what we came for..for the Keyword Planner. Usually it always take you to this page when you log in and once you viewed it a few times it may take you to different pages.

Alright so what we were going to do is we will type into ‘Search for new keywords and ad group ideas…’ im going to click on that and  just type in some keywords. We'll going to do small business coaching it could be whatever keyword that you want. And the other thingis you want to scroll down and  make sure that you are targeting United States or whatever country you might be in for city and country. We'll file with United States so US is fine. And then all you do is you click on ‘get keyword ideas’ or get ideas. And you see its coming up and bammm! Got all this searches. Now there's ad group ideas, we want keyword ideas.

Ad group ideas are when you are using google ads on pay per click sense. So we want keyword ideas so we click on keyword ideas. And you see small business coaching. Number 1 average monthly searches is 320 that means each month google tracks about 320 people searched for this. And you see as we go through, there's always different variations. So let's go down and  see what makes this simpler. See, its 1-30  out of 800 keywords. It can only list 30 so we can do this and change to display 100 keywords per page and that makes it much simpler for us. And all you do is this. You go through in any keywords that you like, here's one business leadership coaching, 110 keywords low competition, you click on this arrow under add to plan and what it will do is  it will add it to plan for you.And you go through to each one. This is one you can do it and select them it's more time consuming or you can simply instead of doing that ,just go to the right here with where the download button  is and click download. Yes this downloads everything. So we want to download it in excel csv and it will do just that. It will save all those keywords that we just found. And we already have the file here. This is what the file will look like when you actually save it. It will download just like this and all you do is you go to customize to delete this stuff that you don’t want, change it around maneuver like this to the left..blah blah blah. and there you go, I'll delete some of these too. We want to make it easy for us to use it later.

And what it shows is, here are the actual keywords, average monthly searches. And what we want to do is go down and delete any that we don't like. So small business, isn't going really be any good for us. Small business marketing that’s not bad. Some other things we don’t want. Small businesses that’s no good. And this is all you do. You go through and whichever ones you don't like, small business advices that will be a good one, whichever ones you don't like, small business website, you just delete. And then once you finished, you have all these keywords. You have, I think it's like 800? Look at that 800 keywords and you go through and delete the ones that you don’t like. Very simple, easy way to actually do it. And the ones on the left, are the ones that you can use. 

4) The fourth free keyword search tool you can use to find your competitor’s seo keywords is once again using Google keyword planner. Let's go back to the keyword planner. And we're going to modify the search. And here what we going to do.  Here's the difference when you're searching for your competitor's keywords. Simply, type in your competitor's website address in the field ‘Your landing page’. So let's type in, see here, I want to know what home depots doing, and then click get ideas. What will happen is it will search out your competitor's, wait a minute, we'll get rid of that. We do it one more time. There we go! So we have home depot now. And you see what happens is that it went through pull up all source of keywords that are, well whatever your competitors website is. It searches for low ceiling fans, kitchen floors look all of that. This really helps you a lot. So what you do is you review the listings, scroll down to view them all and see the collection of keywords including ad group ideas. And it's simple and quick. And again, if you want to save just click on the download button, it give you download option or as I mention before you can go through and save individual ones to your file. So it’s simple and quick. 

5) The 5th free key word suggestion tool is using We're going to go to Soovle right now. Very interesting name Soovle gives you keyword suggestions from the top search engines on the web. What you do is you simply type in the phrase and you see what happens. Were going to type in small business. You see all these different search engines coming out. Small business coaching, here we go. And you see it pulls up keywords from wikipedia, from google, amazon, yahoo, bing, youtube and it gives you all these different suggestions. So we put it back to small business, you always have the keywords popping out under wikipedia under, google, amazon, yahoo. And you can rotate around by pressing right arrow button on your keypad to rotate the reposition of the other results. You see there are plenty of keywords. You can optimize to rank in differently in search engines. So this is pretty cool and awesome free tool.

And finally, this last method is the BEST METHOD for when you want GREAT results from your seo keywords for your website and business.

6) Now the 6th and final keyword research suggestion tool is Our ‘BullsEye Target’ SEO Keyword Research Report. This is the choice of serious business owners who want to get results quickly without wasting a lot of time and money. Doesn’t it make sense to have experienced, expert SEO professionals do the work for you? We’ll do IN DEPTH keyword research and find lucrative terms within your niche that can help you increase your websites traffic, impressions and most importantly your profits. We use paid SEO keyword research tools that cost hundreds of dollars each month. Not the free stuff which only gives you cursory information.

We’ll find up to 800 keywords in your niche market. Especially those lucrative low competition keywords. Look at all these keyword, oh my goodness, gracious it goes on and on. We go on the bottom look at this thing..bam! 802 and includes all those lucrative competitions keywords 

Your report includes first of all the keywords, the monthly searches, the SEO traffics, SEO traffic is how much traffic you can anticipate getting on 1st page, 1st page position ranking in search engines, very handy stuff and also  Competition for your tile, URL, adwords Cost per click, we even analyze your TOP TEN competitors. See competition down here? Wouldn't you like to know what they are doing to ranks so well? This is again how to find keywords of competitors a lot more targeting. You get the page rank of the domain, this thing is very exhausted, what on site optimization they have done, this is for your competitors still, the optimization that they have done, the number of backlinks to their domain plus much more.  And this is the best way how to find out you competitor's keywords. If you really want to target and laser focus your SEO marketing, this is the best thing.

We even include here a help section and the help section report makes it easy for you to understand. It covers everything, everything I have showed you. All the SEO traffic what is this thing means, the backlinks, broad fresh match, exact fresh match, that sort of thing, it makes it very simple for you.  And even if you have questions afterwards, we’ll even answer your questions as well. All of this for just $199. I didn’t stutter. Just $199. Remember you’ll be using the keywords in this report for the life of your business. So it’s an excellent investment for you that continues to pay off year after year. Click on the link below this video to learn more.

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I’m Dillon  with Social Media Top Team. Don’t miss our next video when we cover ‘What’s the domain authority of your website based on and how do you improve your website’s domain authority score?’ See you next video!

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