"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"


Struggling To Get MORE LOCAL Clients & Customers?
Our Solution…Blitz Your Local Market!

Would you like to:

  • Greatly increase the number of LOCAL Leads being generated to visit your website; calling you on the phone for a quote, consultation or appointment; or even walking into your business (or practice) ready to buy from you?

  • More effectively target mobile users (phones, tablets, etc.) to get them to contact you and convert them into qualified leads for your business?

  • More effectively cross sell your other services to BOTH New and Existing clients and customers?

  • CAPTURE More of the LOST Leads bouncing off of your website now and converting them into qualified prospective clients & customers that you can sell too?

  • Cut your marketing budget by up to 50% while getting even better results?

Our clients do this everyday!


We’re Looking For SERIOUS Business Owners Who Want To Literally OWN Their LOCAL Market!

As you may already know, most businesses generate the majority, if not all, of their clients and customers from their local area (maybe 1 – 3 target cities, counties or statewide). Surprisingly, most of these local business owners, have barely scratched the surface in their local area as far as getting any type of significant market share. Most have less than 1% market share!

Understand that there are literally on average 10s of 1,000s of potential clients & customers living in your local area that will need what you offer sooner or later. And they PREFER to do spend their money with a local, reputable business.

The problem is, how do you effectively target just these local prospective customers & clients in the most cost efficient way possible…without wasting any money? Many business owners have tried traditional (aka outdated) SEO, Google adwords (very pricey!) and even buying leads (have you learned yet that there’s no such thing as buying an “exclusive lead”?). Yet many have gotten little to no results or simply are not happy with the results that they’re getting. Well there is a BETTER way…



Discover the Fortune That Lies Hidden In Highly Targeted Local Marketing


Imagine having 45+ local traffic (lead) sources that do nothing other than drive Highly Targeted leads to sign up on your website, getting them to call you on the phone or even walking into your business. And these 45+ local lead sources work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year doing nothing other than ‘non-stop’ lead generation for your business.  And they absolutely will not stop…like the Terminator of local lead generation!

Well this is exactly what we do for you and your business. We’ve perfected the most POWERFUL, COMPLETE local marketing system known to mankind.

Our Proven Strategy leverages:

  • Local Video SEO marketing

  • Google Local & Youtube Local video marketing (Google owns Youtube…more on why this is important later)

  • Website Local SEO marketing

  • Facebook Local Video marketing

  • Twitter & Google+ local marketing

  • Local Online Business Directories

  • Google, Yahoo & Bing local search

  • Google Video marketing

  • Local Social Media marketing

  • Online Reviews marketing

  • Online Coupons marketing

  • And more!

You will NOT find a more powerful, complete and effective LOCAL lead generation system for your business anywhere!


Learn how to get more Customers


Our ‘LOCAL Marketing Blitz’ Strategy Gives You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!

While other companies are struggling just to get to page 1 of the local search results to connect with potential customers,
our clients enjoy Multiple Page 1 rankings empowering them to completely dominate page 1!

Take a look:

Upstaged Home Staging And Interior Design

When you completely dominate local search for your local market, your business starts getting a lot more leads…period. You get more traffic to your website, more inbound calls and more foot traffic to your business. Your competition will be standing around wondering what happened to all of the leads!

Local video marketing

One of the secret tactics in our ‘Local Marketing Blitz’ strategy is precisely leveraging video marketing ACROSS ALL LOCAL PLATFORMS. Remember earlier we mentioned that Google owns Youtube? Well this is important because Google loves everything Google. So the more that Youtube videos are leveraged, embedded and implemented into your local marketing campaign, the more that Google is going to recognize it’s own and reward you. Google tracks all Youtube videos!

Think about it, doesn’t it make much more sense to simply find out what Google wants…and then give it to them? And when you do, Google rewards you Big Time!

Take a look at the Google “Supersized Thumbnail”:


Why do the other companies on the page even bother trying?

How To Win NEW Customers And Piss Off Your Competition



Yet we don’t stop there, simply having tons of new traffic going to your website is great…yet what about actually converting those leads as well? And how about having an automated follow-up system in place to convert those stubborn people, that don’t buy from you right away, to become actual clients & customers too? Oh and let us not forget about generating referrals and cross selling your other services also.

When we say that You will NOT find a more powerful, complete and effective local Lead Generation AND Conversion system for your business…we mean it!

What types of businesses benefit from our ‘LOCAL Marketing Blitz’ strategy?

Tax Preparers
Home Remodelers
Home Improvement Consultants
Real Estate Agents
HVAC Companies
Cosmetic Surgeons
Insurance Agents
Financial Advisors

Retail Stores
Business to Business Companies
Business to Consumer Companies
And more

NOTE - we can also generate National leads as well. So now you lock down both your local AND national markets!

* Will You Be Able To Handle All Of The Leads?

So What’s The Investment?

Our ‘LOCAL Marketing Blitz’ strategy is completely turnkey, meaning that you can simply plug your business into a proven system. Yet we realize that each business’s budget varies. So to make it easier for you, we designed it to be modular. This means that you can implement it in stages to grow your business. We designed it this way so even very small businesses can benefit from our powerful strategy.

Packages starting at just $299 per month

Contact us to learn how to leverage our ‘LOCAL Marketing Blitz’ to generate more LOCAL clients and customers for your business.


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