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Good News For Business Owners With Poor Website Conversions

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Our Simple, Amazing Solution For Generating New Leads And Customers From Your Current Website!

Many business owners have a website built and instantly start marketing it in the hopes of generating new leads and customers. Yet very often they discover that their new pretty website is NOT converting the traffic that they're directing to it. Day after day, week after week, they pay for Pay Per Click, website SEO and other lead generation solutions only to get dismal conversion rates and a low returns on investment.


Many of these business owners do not have it in their budgets to upgrade and get a properly designed lead generating website for their business. So they just consign themselves to getting poor web marketing results. If this describes you, then stop worrying. We've got the perfect solution for you!

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If you want to get BETTER results (leads generated) from your website yet don 't have the budget to have us design a superior lead generating website for you, then you want the ‘Lightbox’ Website Conversion Tool. This POWERFUL website conversion tool generates leads for you from your CURRENT website by putting an ‘Irresistible Offer’ (Incentive/Gift) sign up option on your website to more effectively convert your website leads/visitors. This conversion tool is timed to appear roughly 3 -6 seconds after your website visitor lands on your EVERY PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE!


See examples of how it works (we did not build these websites):







The Number 1 Easiest Way To Improve Your Website Conversions!

This is important because you can't predict on what page your website visitors will land on. It could be your home page, one of your service pages, your product pages, your 'About Us' page and so on. So if you only have an Irresistible Offer’ on the home page of your website, and they land on one of your service pages, your site vistors will never see it! Not so with the Lightbox Website Conversion tool. It puts yourIrresistible Offer’ right in front of them when they're on your website almost guaranteeing you MORE conversions and leads.

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If you're currently investing money in generating leads to your website from PPC, SEO or any other methods, you already know that you're wasting money if you don't have effective conversion tools on your website.


PLUS! We even set it up to automatically add them to your company email newsletter and email autoresponders! So the whole lead generation and conversion process is entirely automated!


And if your site visitors don’t want your offer they simply close it out. Even when they visit other pages of your website, it won't return until 24 hours later.


Finally, we can install not 1 yet 2! One as an initial Irresistible Offer’ Entry Pop Up and the second as an 'Exit Pop Up'. So when your website visitors try to leave your website without converting, we hit them one more time with an 'Exit Offer' to empower you with one more opportunity to convert them!

So How Much Is The Investment?

Our Lightbox Website Conversion Tool is a one time investment of only $299.

If you don’t invest in upgrading your website into a Lead Generating Website, this is the next best thing to have! Start improving your website conversions and generate more leads from your website starting today.


*Can be integrated with virtually any email client



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