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How A New Kind Of Linkedin Marketing Strategy Can Improve Your Lead Generation
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With almost 1/4 BILLON people on LinkedIn (there’s only 7 billion walking around on the planet) it’s no surprise that companies are rushing to leverage LinkedIn marketing strategies to get NEW customers. After countless hours of unfruitful online lead generation attempts and $1,000s of dollars later, some companies have made money and many have not. With all of the ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’, social media companies and experts out there, you’d imagine it’d be easy.

Let’s take a quick look at the Benefits you get from launching a Linkedin marketing campaign. You’d be surprised to learn that Linkedin is…

  • The number one business to business social networking site and proven to be more effective for B2B marketing than facebook or Twitter
  • More than 80% of LinkedIn members are the decision makers in their organization
  • The average member has a household income of $109,000
  • Has close to ¼ BILLION Members with a little under 200,00 joining every day (2 per second)
  • More than 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day
  • Easy to build credibility for you and your company. You can establish yourself in 3 to 6 months as an authority in your field. People place more trust in information they see on linkedin more than any other site (more than facebook and twitterr).
  • On average roughly 50% of visitors from LinkedIn that read your blog posts and website have never heard of you or your company before. Yet they’re highly motivated about seeking useful content, and are more likely to fill out forms on your Lead Conversion Pages and website. This means that you can continue educating and marketing to them OUTSIDE of Linkedin.
  • Having an EFFECTIVE sustained Linkedin marketing campaign ALWAYS generated results when done properly

The Best Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy For You To Get More Clients

When it comes to actually monetizing Linkedin, most social media companies will quickly start talking about Linkedin ads. And that’s not a bad idea, yet you’re leaving THE MAJORITY of your leads and money on the table. There are organic methods of generating 1,000s of highly targeted leads from Linkedin that are ABSOLUTELY FREE. You just have to know how to do it and invest about time each day doing them. So why don’t the other social media companies tell you about these methods?


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One…they don’t know about them. And/or Two…they don’t want to tell you about them. The primary 2 methods that we use for our clients are 'Linkedin Lead Generation' AND Linkedin ads.

Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About Top Team’s Amazing Linkedin Lead Generation System!

Linkedin Lead Generation

We generate new leads, potential clients and Referral Partners FOR YOU leveraging our POWERFUL, Proven Linkedin Lead Generation Strategies. First, we design the perfect, customized Linkedin marketing strategy for your business and sales team. Then we implement it and generate new leads for you and your sales team each and every week from the NUMBER 1 social site for lead generation over Facebook and Twitter.

First, we systematically connect with 1,000s of new potential clients and Referral Partners (via data mining & groups), build relationships with them over a 2 week period and then launch your ‘Irresistible Sales Conversation’ to get them to set appointments to talk to you about your services.

PLUS we design your Educational Content Marketing Strategy (both Curated Content and Your Own) and select the BEST groups for you to join to get clients and ‘High Net Worth’ Referral Partners. Next, we post your content as ‘status updates’ in your personal profile (for all of your personal connections to see) and inside up to 10 Linkedin groups of your choice. We then reply to any comments that are made about your status updates. In addition, we send out relationship building & sales messages AND get Linkedin people to become fans of your Facebook page each week! You simply book meetings with prequalified potential Clients and Referral Partners.

We also post your content in several of your targeted groups to establish you as a ‘Trusted Celebrity Expert’ and generate leads from the groups. This tactic puts your name and content in the inbox of 20,000 or more potential leads every week! Next, we participate in group discussions for you every day to maintain your ‘Trusted Celebrity Expert Status’, promote your visibility in the group and to generate more leads. This strategy generates New Leads for you on an almost daily basis!

For any leads that DON'T want to set an appointment with you, we sign them up for your email newsletter. This way you can still build a relationship with them over time until they are ready to meet with you. This is a COMPLETELY TURNKEY, ‘Hands FREE’ Linkedin lead generation solution for your business.

* Your results vary based on your niche market selections, your branding and your content.


Linkedin Ads

If you want to target business owners, Executives and other professionals, then you’re going to love Linkedilinkedin adsn advertising. It’s Linkedin’s version of Pay Per Click. The difference being that while users navigate around their Linkedin profiles, rather than requiring search queries to trigger ad displays (like main search engines offering pay per click advertising), Linkedin Ads (both textual and display) simply appear as they are in the site.

The ad campaigns can be highly targeted and segmented by professional demographic and geographic data in it’s targeting: by job title and function; industry and company size; seniority and age; LinkedIn Groups, etc.. For example, you can target VP's in the automotive industry in Michigan or women Linkedin members in Montana that are in management positions. Our clients report that the quality of leads generated from LinkedIn far surpass leads from other online marketing strategies.

So What’s The Investment?

With Social Media Top Team, we make it easy and cost effective for you to monetize Linkedin. You get TOP RESULTS from Linkedin without having to invest TOP Dollar.

For Linkedin Lead Generation it's just $599/month (for national and international campaigns)

*for local campaigns within 100 miles of your location, only $200 more

For Linkedin Ads Management, packages start at just $149/month

Don’t put it off any longer, start generating HIGH Quality sales leads from your very own Linkedin marketing campaign starting today!


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