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How A New Kind Of Linkedin Marketing Strategy Can Improve Your Lead Generation
With One Simple Decision

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With almost 1/4 BILLON people on LinkedIn (there’s only 7 billion walking around on the planet) it’s no surprise that companies are rushing to leverage LinkedIn marketing strategies to get NEW customers. After countless hours of unfruitful online lead generation attempts and $1,000s of dollars later, some companies have made money and many have not. With all of the ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’, social media companies and experts out there, you’d imagine it’d be easy.

Let’s take a quick look at the Benefits you get from launching a Linkedin marketing campaign. You’d be surprised to learn that Linkedin is…

  • The number one business to business social networking site and proven to be more effective for B2B marketing than facebook or Twitter
  • More than 80% of LinkedIn members are the decision makers in their organization
  • The average member has a household income of $109,000
  • Has close to Ľ BILLION Members with a little under 200,00 joining every day (2 per second)
  • More than 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day
  • Easy to build credibility for you and your company. You can establish yourself in 3 to 6 months as an authority in your field. People place more trust in information they see on linkedin more than any other site (more than facebook and twitterr).
  • On average roughly 50% of visitors from LinkedIn that read your blog posts and website have never heard of you or your company before. Yet they’re highly motivated about seeking useful content, and are more likely to fill out forms on your Lead Conversion Pages and website. This means that you can continue educating and marketing to them OUTSIDE of Linkedin.
  • Having an EFFECTIVE sustained Linkedin marketing campaign ALWAYS generated results when done properly


The Best Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy For You To Get More Clients

When it comes to actually monetizing Linkedin, most social media companies will quickly start talking about Linkedin ads. And that’s not a bad idea, yet you’re leaving THE MAJORITY of your leads and money on the table. There are organic methods of generating 1,000s of highly targeted leads from Linkedin that are ABSOLUTELY FREE. You just have to know how to do it and invest about time each day doing them. So why don’t the other social media companies tell you about these methods?


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