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Ever Wonder Why You Get So Few Calls From Your Marketing Materials?

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Top Team’s Got The Solution To Get Your Phones ‘Ringing Off The Hook’!


So many business owners wonder why they get so few calls from their advertising and marketing materials. We hear it all the time, “I don’t know why we’re getting such a low response. People just don’t seem to respond to our ads”; “Direct mail doesn’t work for us. We mailed out 1,000s of postcards and only got a few calls!”; “Our website has never gotten us any leads. Even our customers tell us they barely even read our website”; “Our telephone scripts aren’t very effective. We tell our reps to make up their own”; and it goes on and on.


If you're like most businesses these days, you know what it's like to spend a lot of money on advertising and not get the type of response that you're after. Add to it, that advertising costs you the same whether it generates $10 worth of business or $10,000. So why is it that some companies are able to generate a LOT of business from their marketing and advertising materials while others seem to fall flat on their face?


Because the market has radically changed! Unlike before where prospective customers were completely dependent on a sales rep for information on a product or service; now they have a tremendous amount of options for getting the information they want. The landscape of business now has a lot more competition, information, choices and more buying resistance (price shopping). It's even made everyone's sales cycles longer!



Also, there's now price competition that didn't exist before from both local, national AND international companies (thank you internet). Products AND services are becoming commodities and a lot of the advertising and marketing messages HAVE BECOME IDENTICAL.


Because of this, customers have become jaded to all of the different advertising that's out there. They see your marketing materials (ads, web sites, brochures, commercials, etc.) and compare it to your competitor's marketing materials and guess what they realize? The marketinjadedg materials are all saying the same thing! This is why your customers don't think that what you offer is any different from anyone else's.


We call this the "Carbon Copy Scenario". So if they don't think that your product or service is any better or worse than your competitors, then the only thing left to base their decision on is…Price!


This is why they'll go with a cheaper, inferior company rather than you. They never realize that your service or product is better, more complete, longer lasting, has better variety, longer warranty, better support, better hours of operation, better construction, FREE delivery, is guaranteed for life, etc..


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