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We’re sure you’ve heard that mobile marketing is the latest rage in the business community. One expert after another tells you how great mobile marketing is and how your competitors are already using it and that you’re missing out if you’re not. Geez! There NEVER seems to be a shortage of ‘experts’ hawking some new product or technology! It’s enough to make your head spin.

First, let’s get down to the brass tacks of mobile marketing. And determine if it will even benefit you or not. Understand that Mobile marketing is any marketing function where a mobile device is the medium being used. It could be SMS text messaging, push notifications, pass books, advertising on mobile web browsers, location based marketing on mobile devices, email marketing (formatted for mobile devices). Pretty much any marketing message where consumer engagement occurs on a mobile device. Ok, that was simple enough.


Now let’s take a look at the PROS and just as importantly the CONS.


  1. The average American has more than 100 apps on their smartphone—and spends, on average, over 2 hours per day using them.

  2. Your mobile messages reaches your customers regardless of their location - Your customers leave home with three things: their car keys, purse or wallet and their mobile phone. THEY ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH THEM. You communicate with your customers in an intimate one-on-one manner unmatched by other marketing.

  3. Your ‘Special Offer’ can be read by customers within minutes – You can come up with a new campaign idea, it be created and sent to your prospects and existing customers within minutes! Research shows that most mobile consumers want retailers, in particular, to send coupons and promotions, when they are in or near their brick-and-mortar store.

  4. You save money and greatly increase your marketing ROI - You only pay to market to people who ‘opted-in’ to receive offers from you.

  5. Mobile marketing is Highly Cost Effective – Consumers average anywhere from 20% to 70% redemption rates on ‘Special Offers’ sent to their mobile devices compared to email, print, TV, radio or direct mail which average much less. And the average price to send a mobile message is just a few pennies.

  6. Mobile marketing messages have high open rates- With more than 95% of text messages being opened and read (83% are opened and read within one hour) mobile marketing makes consumers look forward to more offers from you.

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7. Mobile marketing messages empowers you to measure your advertising results - You know instantly what messages are producing and by how much.

8. Mobile marketing is highly targeted - You can target specific customers in your lists to produce higher redemption rates, and build lists that get you immediate sales.

9. It can have useful Menu Options – It can have useful feature like: ‘easy to locate’ option; “Click to Call” (this enables you to activate your phone number in your ads on iPhones and mobile devices. This way the consumer simply clicks on the icon and it automatically dials your number!); or “Click for Directions” button, or anything else you can imagine.

10. You Can Leverage Search Engine Marketing - Your Mobile App can be marketed to search engines and directories just like your website.

11. Effectively Leverage QR Codes In Your Marketing - QR codes are an excellent, low-cost way to extend your digital reach and are well suited to mobile marketing. Customers can scan the QR code with their mobile device and be taken directly to your Lead Conversion Page, website or facebook page. QR codes offer one of the best ways for mobile device users to engage and interact with your business.

12. Mobile marketing uses the latest popular technology that ALL of your customers use – It leverages the latest technology that 5 billion consumers already have, love and are using — their mobile phones.

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Ok…And Now For The ‘CONS’


80 to 90% Of All Mobile Apps Get DELETED After They’re Downloaded!Why? Well according to an article by USA Today, the novelty of the new app wears off, the consumer realizes that the app provides NO SUSTAINABLE VALUE, they get tired of the app taking up ‘real estate’ on their mobile device and they simply delete them. That's why the number of downloads is a very poor measure of how popular a mobile app is.

And when YOUR mobile app is deleted, so are your marketing opportunities!



Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About Top Team’s Mobile Marketing Solution!


Unlike MOST other mobile marketing companies that just want you to buy their services, Social Media Top Team gives you it to you straight, and lets you know if your business would even benefit from mobile marketing. We would NEVER recommend any type of strategy to our clients that we didn’t know for sure would benefit them. Then If WE BOTH determine that it will, we design a mobile marketing strategy that’s REALISTIC, MEASURABLE and ‘Results Oriented’.

Your mobile app and mobile marketing campaign are designed with our patented ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ system that gets you Amazing results! We start by determining what your prospective and existing customers ACTUALLY WANT AND VALUE. Then we determine, of those things, what you can actually give them (it’s easiest for retailers – clothing stores, restaurants, salons, fitness centers, etc.). Next, we make sure that your customers are surveyed to ensure that they want it BEFORE we build your mobile app and mobile strategy. This ensures that your Top Team designed mobile app will be downloaded AND USED and  won’t be like the other 80 to 90% of all mobile apps that get deleted in less than 6 months.

When we said before that Social Media Top Team is a ‘Results Oriented’ company…we meant it!


So How Much Is It?


Social Media Top Team’s mobile marketing solutions are based on the size and scope of your mobile marketing campaign. So we would have to determine these things first, to give you an accurate quote. Yet to give you some idea of the pricing:

To custom design your business’s Mobile Smartphone Web App includes:

  • Professional, full spectrum color, branded design that gives a rich, interactive Smartphone experience to your prospects and customers
  • Customers don’t have to download it from an App Store
  • Prospects and customers simply type your domain name in their Smartphone web browser to access it
  • Prospects and customers also find your web app in a Google Search
  • It even works with your existing Website, facebook and Twitter account!
  • ‘EZ Viewing’ formatting of your business information and web content for Smartphone users
  • All your essential business information formatted cleanly
  • Works on iPhone, Android and Blackberry and more


You get all of this starting at just $299!


Get your professionally designed mobile app designed today!

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