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Of Course Youíve Heard Of Multimedia Services...

But Have You Heard Of AFFORDABLE Multimedia Services?

When your business effectively leverages the use of multimedia services in your marketing and communication efforts, it instantly separates you from your competition, causes you to stand out from the crowd and positions you as a cutting-edge innovator.

Multimedia products are EXCELLENT conversion tools for your business and are perfect for fulfilling information requests by your prospects. These are great for educating customers about your company and your service. You can use DVDs, audio CDs, mp3 files, slide-shows, etc. for websites, emails and audio downloads to effectively ĎEducate, Emote & Motivateí your prospective customers. Our multimedia services are designed to increase your sales closing ratios and cut down on the length of your sales cycles.

Social Media Top Team is a full service professional audio/video production company. We handle all of your audio/video production needs from Concept to Completion.

We also provide you with:

  • Video production
  • video duplication
  • professional CD and DVD replication
  • Audio production
  • Audio duplication services
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D animation
  • Digital catalogs
  • Digital media creation

NOTE Ė All of our transfer duplication services focus on quality as well as quantity

With Social Media top Teamsí flexible multimedia solutions, we can produce your project just the way you want it.

So How Much Is It?

Obviously, we would need to know your project needs to give you an accurate quote. Yet to give you some idea of Social Media top Teamís multimedia services pricing:

We can produce your entire online video, including slides, royalty free music, graphics and animations starting at just $250

To learn more about how to leverage multimedia services into your marketing, contact us or request a FREE Quote.

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