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The Amazing Solution For Converting Leads From Your Website

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Make It Easy For Your Your Website Visitors To Convert!

For most small business owners, getting leads to convert from their website is a BIG concern. After all, if youíre investing money in various forms of internet marketing (ex. SEO, PPC, etc.) then you HAVE qualified leads visiting your website. SoÖgetting leads to go to your website isnít the problem. Yet getting leads to convert on your website and contact you is a problem!

The best solution is having a lead generating website built specifically to convert the leads that you drive to it. Yet if you donít have the budget to have us build one for you, then the next best thing is to implement several PROVEN website conversion tools (i.e. Website Entry Pop Up, Ďclick to callí feature, etc.). One highly effective and underutilized website conversion tool is having a live chat option on your website.

Convert More Of Your Website Visitors With Your Own Online Chat!

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Think about it. Your customers donít want to talk to you anymore. They donít want to fill out your form on your ĎContact Usí page. And they donít want to see you in person. When it comes to increasing conversions from your website, you have to think like your customer!

People these days send text messages, use instant messenger, etc. They donít want to talk like they used to. They prefer to text! So give them what they want. An online chat feature empowers your website visitors to be able to ask questions in real time while theyíre on a specific page in your website. Itís almost like them being in a store and asking you for assistance.

Now you can interact with them, guide them to buy specific products and services (in real time) and even schedule appointments with them!

Advice To Business Owners Whose Websites Don't Convert Leads

Hereís how it works Ė your online chat provides you with Ďseatsí or Ďagentsí. These are the number of people (in your business) that can answer incoming chat requests. Itís just like someone calling in on a phone. If you only have one phone line to use, then when 2 people call in at the same time the 2nd personís call doesnít get answered. So you want to have multiple Ďseatsí or Ďagentsí. This way if you have 6 people on your team, any one of the six can answer an incoming online chat call. So no chat request gets missed!

Yet having so many seats can get pricey. Most quality online chat features charge a monthly fee per Ďagentí or Ďseatí.

See some pricing here:

Company 1

Company 2

Itís common to spend $180 per year or more for a quality online chat with just one agent!

We solved this with our unique online chat feature. For just a one-time investment, you get a HIGH Quality online chat feature with UNLIMITED Ďagentsí or 'seatsí! Thatís right unlimited. So if you have 10 people in your team, all 10 of them can answer incoming chat requests without you ever paying another dime.

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Features of our online chat include:

  • Easy to use dashboard that you and your team can login to from your desktop, lap top or phone.

  • Message Your Visitors in Real Time

  • Monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page

  • Monitor your website visitors in real time. While they are on your website!

  • Even answer chats from your Mobile Device

  • Proactively engage visitors with chat ĎTriggersí

  • Offer different departments that your web visitors can engage with (i.e. sales, customer service, tech support, etc.)

  • Lead Generation feature Ė you can require that your site visitors enter their name and email address to begin the chat with you. Now you have their information to market to them afterwards!

  • Transcriptions of your online chat. Get an entire transcript of your and your teams online chats emailed to you automatically!

  • You can respond quickly with Predefined Shortcuts

  • We can set your greetings and messages up to be in any language.

  • We can completely customize your Visitor Widget to your website and company brand

  • We can install it on virtually ANY website!

  • You never have to pay for live chat software again

So Whatís The Investment?

Our Online Chat Website Conversion Tool is just a one-time investment of only $329. No monthly fees ever!

Start engaging your web visitors, improving your conversions and generating more leads and sales from your website starting today.

*Can be integrated with virtually website

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