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Right And Wrong Online Forum Management Marketing Methods

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-- And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Sales

We know what you’re thinking…'What the heck is Online Forum Management?’ An online forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Every day, millions of users log on to their favorite online forums, communities and social spaces and interact with others to get advice and discuss whatever interests them. In the entire social web, online forums are where some of the deepest, most engaging conversations around specific topics and interests occur.

For example, a whopping 90% of the discussions occurring online around banks and bank products take place in forums. Think about it, if you want to ask questions about banks and discuss bank products, where do you go? To your Facebook friends? Or to an online community dedicated to finance, banking and/or investment? The bottom line is online forums are THE IDEAL PLACE to engage potential AND existing customers to educate them more about your company’s brand, solutions, products and services or even market research (locally, nationally & globally).

For purposes of market research, online forums are MUCH more interactive and effective than blogs, facebook or Twitter. Because you get INSTANT HONEST feedback on your posts. It’s proven that online forum users are more open, truthful and honest about their opinions. Usually because they’re posting behind an avatar instead of with their actual personal information like on facebook.

Why Some Business Owners Almost Always Make Money In Online Forum Marketing

One of the best uses of online forums is for lead generation and conversion. Research has proven that leads generated from online forums convert at a much higher rate than even blog leads. Think about it. The forum users are usually late stage prospects. They are getting feedback from others to help them make their final buying decision. This is why so many companies around the world tie online forums into their blogging campaigns. You never want to do one without the other.


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The key is knowing how to leverage the online forum(s) for maximum results. Knowing the strategies and methods that get the BEST results over time. There’s no quick way of doing it. You have to put in your time and build credibility with the community; demonstrate your expertise and value to the community and cleverly promote your company without seeming to be promoting your company. Do it wrong…and you’ll be banned from the online forum community, which will destroy your online reputation! Also, as you may have deduced, IT’S VERY TIME CONSUMING. Many companies actually make this a part of the marketing manager’s job description!

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Social Media Top Team Gives You The Easiest Online Forum Management Solution…We Do It For You!

We already know how to leverage online forums to lead your brand, promote your corporate identity and generate leads. We help you:

  • Design your online forum strategy
  • Determine which forum(s) you should be participating in and how often
  • Develop your ‘participation schedule’ to ensure members of the forum get to know you and respect your opinion
  • We then participate in the online forums answering questions ‘as you’
  • We even transcribe your answers! If a sales lead asks a question in a forum that requires a lengthy answer, you simply voice record your answer on your phone, computer, camera, etc. and simply email the audio or video file to us. We then type up your answer directly into the forum to answer their question. Completely PAIN FREE for you!
  • We forward you all of the sales leads

With Social Media Top Team You Get A Completely Turn-Key Online Forum Solution!

So What’s The Investment?


Social Media Top Team’s online forum management solutions start at just $175 per month!!!

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