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Right And Wrong Methods Of Online Reputation Management


-- And Little Pointers That Will Put Your Companyís Name Back In GOOD Standing

Weíre sorry that you even have to read this page. Itís a very frustrating feeling knowing that someone posted something online about you or your business that damages your reputation. The worst part is the feeling of helplessness that follows. That complaint just keeps showing up in the searches over and over again. The worst part is hearing a prospective customer mention that they ĎGoogledí your company, saw the complaint online and wonít be doing business with you. This is certainly not a situation your sales team wants to be dealing with!

Today, you are defined by what appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each day because of false, erroneous or misleading search engine results. Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a news site, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst.

Potential clients and business partners will want to learn as much as possible about you before closing the deal, and future employees will want to know they are in good hands with your organization. The first impression they receive of you and/or your company may be what they see in their Search Engine results. The question is: will they like what they see?

Your Businessís Reputation Is One Of Itís Most Important Assets!

You need solid ASSET PROTECTION for your businessís good name. Top Teamís ReputationGUARD builds a virtual fortress around your companyís online reputation and then attacks the negative complaints and either gets them removed or buried from sight. Unlike other reputation management firms that focus on JUST burying negative comments, we focus on actually removing harmful information from the Internet in addition to creating positive and optimized content. Our proprietary strategic Online Reputation Management Strategy works quickly and effectively to either eliminate or push down complaints in the search engines so customers no longer find them.

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Why do we bury some negative complaints about you? Because thereís no way to currently remove each and every website complaint entirely from the Internet. The good news is ReputationGUARD aggressively eliminates negative comments and complaints from showing up prominently in Google for you or your companyís designated search terms.

The goal is to clear the first 5 to 15 pages of Google and replace all the unwanted results with websites and profiles that you or your company controls. 90% of web searchers are not going to search past page 1 of the search results on your company. So pushing negative comments to page 5 or 15 will eliminate your potential customers from seeing this harmful information.

So Whatís The Investment For Cleaning Up Your Companyís Good Name And Reputation?

Every situation is obviously different. Your unique situation determines what actually has to be done. For some clients, they may only need a few solutions implemented. While others may need a more robust campaign. Yet to give you some idea, Social Media Top Teamís ReputationGUARD Online Reputation Management Solution starts at just $499.

Stop gritting your teeth and cursing under your breath. Re-establish your companyís good name starting today.

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