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“Our virtual assistant and appointment setter is great. She’s very professional and very easy to work with. She’s doing a great job of scheduling appointments and our sales rep is very happy. He can finally focus on performing more presentations and follow ups than on chasing down appointments. Sales are up.” - Kerry Dugan, Insurance Industry (Commercial)






Outsourcing Video Testimonial, Insurance Industry (Commercial)

“I started my own telecom company 5 years ago. Business had been okay but I wanted it to be better. None of the incentive programs seemed to get our sales people to close any better. A colleague of mine told me about Social Media Top Team and hiring appointment setters. I thought about it and figured for $5 an hour it was worth a shot. Having someone else do appointment setting has made a huge difference. Our sales team was never that great at appointment setting and following up. We hired four reps total. Three of our reps set and confirm appointments. The other one does inbound customer service and tech support. They’re all very good. We've had a record year. Sales increased by more than 30%. I’ve recommended Social Media Top Team to several of my colleagues as well”. - Tim Chuan, Telecom Industry


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“My virtual assistant is a Godsend! At first I wasn’t sure how it would work out...having never done this before. But after talking with Social Media Top Team, I got a better idea of how to use her in my business. Now she is indispensable. She answers phones, sends faxes, checks my emails which I never have time to do, prepares my proposals and all of my paperwork, schedules and confirms my appointments, pays my bills and even does my mass email marketing to my clients every week. As corny as it sounds I enjoy my business a lot more. Most of my headaches are outsourced to my rep! I have been able to double my home sales and even gotten more listings as a result of freeing up my time and not being locked in the office all day. I’d recommend a virtual assistant to everyone. Even if you’re not in business!” - Liz Movis, Realtor



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“I spent weeks scouring the internet for companies that offered a complete BPO service within the US without success. After one call to Social Media Top Team, I interviewed several reps that fit my needs perfectly. We hired several virtual assistants. We also signed up for some of the business coaching which was excellent. I would recommend Social Media Top Team to anyone looking to take the guesswork out of outsourcing.” - Liam Jaeger, Information Technology Industry



Outsourcing Services Audio Testimonial, Reverse Mortgage Company




“We needed someone to handle our marketing but we didn’t have the budget to pay a lot of money to a marketing consultant. We were referred to Social Media Top Team by one our clients. After talking with them, we decided to hire a part time virtual employee to do some telesales and adminstrative work. He books appointments for our loan officers, fills out forms, handles our emails, CRM and even updates and maintains our website. I was amazed at the increase in leads that we experienced when we finally had someone marketing CONSISTENTLY for us. I wouldn’t have believed it before. We are very pleased with our virtual assistant. No complaints. I’d recommend Social Media Top Team to anyone.” - Mike Cole, Mortgage Industry




"We needed an appointment setter to set leads for our sales team. We found Social Media Top Team on the internet and gave them a call. Our Vitrual Employee works very well for us. She puts appointments on the board everyday for our reps. She's very reliable and needs very little supervision. If you need appointments for your sales team, go with Top Team." - Nick Waken, Reverse Mortgage Company





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