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What Nobody Ever Tells You About Pay Per Click Advertising

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On the surface, it sounds very easy: "Pick your Keywords, Specify a Budget, Get Customers". What could be simpler? However, Pay-Per-Click Advertising can be a double-edged sword, because itís not as easy to set up effectively as it first appears, and unless you know exactly which keywords are likely to yield the greatest Return on your Investment, things can get REALLY expensive REALLY fast.

Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter (Yahoo and Bing) now take up 95% of all search. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns through Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising are excellent ways to get new clients. They are without question one of the best forms of advertising the world has ever seen. They are also the most complicated form of advertising the world has ever seen!

Realize that Search engine optimization (SEO) has now become a lot more competitive to get on page one of Google in particular. The free natural listings now have more than 200 built in criteria for rankings: A high quality website (preferably built on Word Press), daily unique updates or postings, high quality link building, social-media updates and more are just a few of whatís needed for first page rankings.

Google Places, the local listings by Google, has also consumed Ďabove-the-fold propertyí on the search engine results pages. Google is forcing businesses and professionals to compete across the board for first page placements for SEO and PPC.

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The Most Common Pay Per Click Advertising Mistake
(Youíre Probably Doing It Now)

The simple fact is that unless an Adwords campaign is set up properly from the beginning, with the right keywords and budgets, itís likely to cost you a lot more than it makes. Itís an accepted fact that without using an expert to manage your Pay Per Click advertising, more than 50% of your budget can be wasted.

Understanding the difference between Googleís broad match, phrase match and exact match criteria is tough enough, but when you factor in Googleís complex Quality Score, good ad copy, ad placement, landing page optimization, bidding system, general settings, Search vs. Display, reporting, mobile device settings, ROI examination, keyword selection, dynamic key phrase insertion, campaign and ad group structure, site link extensions, ad leverage and much more, you can see why pay-per-click management has become such a massive growing business. It is way too complicated and time consuming for a business owner or professional to do themselves!

Youíre an expert at what you do. Doesnít it make sense to have an expert handle your Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

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So Whatís The Price?

Well everyone of our
'High ROI' Pay Per Click campaign varies, because each business is different. And because the Ďproper setup and maintenance' of your campaign must be tailored to your business, itís not realistic to provide a solid quote without first knowing more about your business and your market sector. We may recommend that you allocate a portion of your budget to tap into Youtube Adwords or Second Tier PPC networks which are lesser known and produce amazing results.†

Yet as a rule, we generally recommend you invest a minimum budget of $1,000.00 per month for your 'High ROI' PPC campaign. This includes our management, maintenance and administration fee of just $349 (everything else goes to the ads).

* Take a look at Your Personal Dashboard where you can check on your Pay Per Click campaigns performance any time you want to from your computer or mobile phone!

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