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Stop Wasting $1,000s Of Dollars Advertising To
The ‘Needles In A Haystack’!

2x -3x Your Results & Cut Your Ad Costs by Up to 75% With People Based Marketing


Most businesses spend $1,000s of dollars every month for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other various forms of PPC. Oftentimes, their results are less than stellar. Why? 


Because at any given time, only about 3 - 5% of the market are ‘NOW’ buyers. The other 95 -97% will eventually buy, just not right now. So businesses dump a truckload of ad dollars into trying to sort out and find that 3 - 5% of leads that are ready to buy right now.


The problem is…they can’t isolate that 3 -5% of ‘NOW’ buyers. They have to advertise to ALL 100%! This is a very expensive approach...for you. Yet don’t worry, Google and Facebook don’t mind, you just make them richer!


Well not anymore. The landscape of marketing is changing.



‘People Based’ Marketing

Imagine this. You have a room full of 1,000 people who represent your entire market. Out of that room only 30 are actually ready to buy what you sell. Yet you can’t tell whose ready to buy now and who is going to do it in a few months, years, or maybe never.


But what if you could pick out the 30 from that room... and ONLY market to those people? You’d be able to show more ads to them than your competitors, you’d be top of mind with those leads and their first choice when they’re ready to buy. Plus, you’d slash your ad costs by up to 75%!


Well this is exactly what our technology does. As a result, demographics based marketing is now a thing of the past.



How We Do It

We track 5 billion+ URLs, 15 – 25 billion behaviors per day and the browser behavior of 225 million Americans. With our data, technology and smart market systems, we create campaigns that are designed to control the conversation with the 3 - 5% of the market who are ‘NOW’ buyers and eliminate the 95 - 97% who aren't.


Our proprietary technology empowers us to do this. By leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, we can identify by internet behavior who is In-market and market to them on any channel online or offline because we know them by name.


This allows us to produce profitable sales leads that you cannot get elsewhere. And since we are targeting our own data with Google and Facebook PPC instead of relying on them to find our audience for us, your ad costs are cut by 25% – 75% on average.


Translation = BETTER Results for LESS money.




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