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Right And Wrong Podcast Marketing Methods


-- And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Conversions

Hundreds of thousands of businesses already leverage podcast marketing into their content marketing strategy. Why? Because the audience for podcasts is exploding. eMarketer projects that after 2013, thereíll be 37.6 million people downloading podcasts on a monthly basis. Thatís more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million!

Also, people learn in different ways. Some are visual and watch videos or like to read. Yet EVERYONE likes to listen! People love that they can exercise, drive to work, work in their office, sit at the beach, etc. while they listen to your podcast. And every minute that a customer or prospect listens to us speak with authority weíre establishing ourselves as a thought-leader. The more time your customers spend listening to your podcasts the more authority you have with them.

According to Google Analytics the average website visitor stays for two minutes and seven seconds. According to Stitcher (a popular alternative to iTunes) the average podcast listener stays for twenty two minutes! So podcasts place the ideas and expertise that establish us as an authority in front of our target audience for a longer period of time per interaction.

Social Media Top Team Handles Your Podcast For Content Marketing From ĎA to Zí

We help you design your content strategy, production schedule and podcast content marketing strategy. We can even record your podcast for you and perform all of the production work for it as well. This includes editing out all of the ĎUhs and Ahhsí, pops, crackles, mistakes, redos, etc. as well inserting royalty free music for your intro and outro. Top Team makes it easy!

Ė Many business owners repurpose their online videos into podcasts to generate more SUPERIOR Content!


We Even Handle Your Podcast Marketing For You!

We then upload your podcasts to your blog, website and iTunes store. Why iTunes? Because iTunes is the number 1 podcast directory on the internet! People go to iTunes everyday to download new podcasts to improve their business, better their lives, learn something new or listen to music.

The great thing is how it works. Users download iTunes to their laptop, desktop, iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or other mobile device. They then download your podcast to listen to it. Then whenever you upload your new podcast into your iTunes store, IT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADS to the library of all of your subscribers for FREE!

So How Much?

Social Media Top Teamís produces your professional podcast starting at only $150!

Start leveraging podcasts in your content marketing for lead generation and conversion starting today!

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