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Why should you use press release marketing for your business? What’s the point? Well, to put it simply…TO GENERATE LEADS!!! A press release, or news release, is a written communication targeting members of the news media and search engines. When a business wants to generate massive amounts of FREE leads, they get the news media (local, national or international) to report on their company.

Didn’t you ever see, hear or read a story about some business doing something positive in the community, having a clever or unique solution for a common problem or launching some new revolutionary service? These news stories get featured in local newspapers, business journals, radio and TV shows, magazines, blogs, websites and more. The net result is 1,000s of people (in your target market) learn about your business’s news story and visit your website (or call you) for more details.

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Social Media Top Team helps you develop your ‘High Interest’ news story (We can develop one for ANY business. If you don’t have an interesting story then whose going to want to read your press release?), then we write your ‘Attention Grabbing’ Press Release (it must grab the media’s attention or they won’t even bother reading it). We also include an MTA (motive to act) to get your end readers to either go to your website or call you. You also get up to 3 photos, video and up to 5 hyperlinks connected to specific pages within your website. Finally, we optimize your press releases to get TOP Rankings in the search engines for your company’s SEO keywords.

The Best Press Release Marketing Strategies To Get More Customers


Your lead generating press release is then distributed to top PR Distribution services like to PRBuzz, SBWire Premium, PressDoc, MyPRGenie and 45+ free Press Release Distribution sites. These sites in turn distribute your Press Release to 1,000s of top search engines, news sites, blogs, radio & TV news sites, social sites and journalists. So we get it into as many journalists and reporters email inboxes as possible. We even send it to reporters in YOUR LOCAL AREA to get you LOCAL media coverage as well. Offered nowhere else!

We can even set up a ‘Press Room’ page on your website, and upload your press releases into your site for the media. Finally, your lead generating press release remains live online for up to 3 years! So it continues to generate leads!


Crummy Press Releases: $99. Press Releases That Actually Generate Sales Leads For Your Company: $199. If You Like This Pricing Schedule, We Invite You To Shop At Cheap-$99-Dollar-Press-Releases.com


So What’s The Price?


No one comes close to matching our value! Social Media Top Team’s press release marketing services pricing are listed below:

Developing your ‘High Interest’ news story AND writing your press release is just $199


Distributing your lead generating press release to PRBuzz, SBWire Premium, PressDoc, MyPRGenie and 45+ FREE Press Release Distribution sites is only $99 Offered Nowhere else!

Don’t wait any longer, start generating Quality Leads from press release marketing starting today.


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