"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

"Youíve Got The Ugliest Cheesiest Print Ad Design Iíve Ever Seen In My Life!"
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(Thatís What Theyíll Say If You Get Caught Using The Wrong Graphic Design Company)

What good is having an awesome Targeted Print Advertising marketing strategy if you have lousy performing ads? Businesses who design their own ads (or let the magazine or newspapers design them) oftentimes donít have a clue as to the best methods to generate results. Their ads wonít connect with their prospects, will have non-compelling poorly developed copy, will have pictures that have little or nothing to do with the offer, wonít motivate people to take the next step in their sales process and the list goes on and on! Needless to say, these ads do NOT perform well.

New ĎPrint Ad Design-Improverí Gets You Sales Leads Galore!

Social Media Top Team uses our patented ĎMagnetize Your Marketingí copywriting system to write and create your Print Ad Design. Your ads will always GRAB & HOLD prospective customers attention for the headline to make them read the entire ad. It will then EDUCATE them on your service/product offering and how it uniquely solves their problem. Then it will EMOTE (get them excited), MOTIVATE them to act and give them an OFFER to take the next step in your sales process (go to your lead conversion page, website or call you).

Your Print ads will be engaging, compelling, well articulated and most importantly GET RESULTS.

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The Ultimate In Print Ad Design

Social Media Top Teamís ĎFortune 500 Caliberí graphic designers donít stop there. Next, we professionally design a brilliant BRANDED look to your ad to make it very eye-catching. This causes your business to stand out from the crowd. It also makes it easier for your prospects to recognize and remember your company. Remember in print advertising, repetition is important. Itís an accepted fact that people usually need to see your print ad anywhere from 3 to 9 times before they act on it. The more motivating and memorable your ad, the less times they need to see it to recognize you and the FASTER they take action to contact you.

So How Much Is It?

Social Media Top Teamís print ad design solutions are based on the size and complexity of your targeted print ad campaign. So we would have to determine these things first, to give you an accurate quote. Yet to give you some idea of the pricing:

To design a small magazine style ad, starts at only $25!

Get your professionally designed print ad designed today!

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