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Thinking About Doing Public Relations Marketing For Your Business?

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We know what you’re thinking, “How in the heck can I use Public Relations Marketing to grow my business and why?” First, it’s important to understand what it is…and what it isn’t. Public relations is a marketing strategy used by businesses to build credibility and promote a positive image to their target customer demographic and the general public.

Public relations campaigns usually include press release marketing, doing interviews with the news media, speaking at conferences, teaching classes & workshops, employee communication, community involvement, sponsoring community events, maintaining a presence at networking organizations that contain high concentrations of your target customer demographic and speaking at public forums on issues important to your target audience.

The reason so many small business owners like leveraging public relations marketing is that it levels the playing field with larger companies! Now with even a small budget, you can get BIG BUDGET Results. The most common PR tactics employed consist of:

1. Working with members of the news media to build a positive and Highly Credible image of your business, organization or product through stories in radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, industry journals, etc.

2. Getting exposure, in various news media, with your target customer demographic by discussing topics that they’re interested in

3. Promoting your ‘news items’ that provide you with a 3rd-party endorsement
(like having a local sports star or business leader endorse you. Yet it shouldn’t have the appearance of you paying for the endorsement)

4. Closely monitoring numerous media channels for what people are saying about your company

5. Designing your business’s Offline and Online Reputation Management, identity and personality - managing and “spinning” complaints and crises that threaten your company’s, or product’s, image

6. Building goodwill among your organization’s target market through community, philanthropic and special programs and events

Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Public Relations
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Public relations marketing creates interest and awareness for your company, provides information, stimulates demand for your services and reinforces your brand. When leveraged properly, Public Relations Marketing costs $1,000s less than traditional advertising yet can produce marketing ROI (Return On Investment) of literally 10,000% or more!

Social Media Top Team’s ‘Small Business Public Relations Marketing ToolKit’ contains EVERYTHING that your small business needs to launch and maintain a HIGHLY Profitable public relations marketing campaign (Virtually all of our Business Power-Branding client’s get this package). This a perfect solution for you if you want to do your own Public Relations Marketing ‘in house’.

In this incomparable package you get:

  • 3 hours of Public Relations Marketing Coaching and Training
  • 2 of Top Team’s Profit Improvement Specialists working for 10 hours developing your company's Public Relations Marketing campaign
  • Your Company’s Online Reputation Management Strategy developed. Both how to establish it AND protect it (It’s one of your most valuable assets!). And if your reputation becomes damaged…how to repair it!
  • Securing Credible 3rd parties in your industry (Thought Leaders) that will endorse your product/service to their following. This is called “The Oprah Effect” in business. Whenever Oprah Winfrey recommends a product, sales of the product increase upwards of 1,000% or more.
  • Helping you develop your company’s ‘Sponsored Events’ plan and strategy. This establishes what events in your area are best for you to either host, sponsor or co-sponsor that’ll get you the maximum results from your target demographic (ex. If your target demographic are women over 30, you might sponsor a local women’s conference; or a health event that provides free breast cancer screenings, or a trade show for salons, etc.)
  • We Design Your strategy for Power-Connecting with the News Media. Including getting them to cover your ‘Sponsored Events’
  • We Design Your Company’s Media Sound Bites. Your sound bite is a short and easily remembered line, designed to be repeated by the news media. It’s usually on average up to 20 – 25 words and should only take about 7.3 seconds to deliver. When being interviewed by the media, you MUST always insert several sound bites into your responses.
  • We Help You Design Your ‘High Interest News Story’ strategy. You learn the proven ‘12 Peg System’ that GUARANTEES the News Media will cover your story or event! We walk you through how to develop your company’s ‘news worthy’ stories (This can be developed for ANY business. If you don’t have an interesting story then whose going to want to read your press releases?


Check out this Awesome ‘News Story’ from ‘5 Hour Energy'. Click here

Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About Top Team’s Amazing Public Relations Marketing Toolkit!

  • Los Angeles based Social Media Top Team Designs Your ‘Press Release’ Marketing Strategy. We walk you through what your Press Releases (also called News Releases) should be written about and what they should accomplish (lead generation, credibility building, reputation repair, etc.).
  • We actually write your First Press Release For You From Start to Finish (A $350 value)! Social Media Top Team helps you develop your ‘High Interest’ news story; then we write your ‘Attention Grabbing’ Press Release (it must grab the media’s attention or they won’t even bother reading it).
  • We also include an MTA (motive to act) to get your end readers to either go to your website or call you. You also get up to 3 photos, video and up to 5 hyperlinks connected to specific pages within your website. Finally, we optimize your press release to get TOP Rankings in the search engines for your company’s SEO keywords.

Check out our ‘Highly Acclaimed’ infographic How To Use Press Releases To Generate Leads on pinterest


Innovative Public Relations Marketing Solution Makes Customers "Flock To Your Business"


  • We Distribute Your Press Release to TOP Press Release Distribution services like to PRBuzz, SBWire Premium, PressDoc, MyPRGenie and 45+ free Press Release Distribution sites (You’d Spend Over $1,000 doing this yourself)! These sites in turn distribute your Press Release to 1,000s of top search engines, news sites, blogs, radio & TV news sites, social sites and journalists. So we get it into as many journalists and reporters email inboxes as possible. We even ensure it gets sent to reporters in YOUR LOCAL AREA to get you LOCAL media coverage as well. Offered nowhere else!
  • We Help You Design Your Company’s ‘30 Day PR Plan’ template. This Public Relations fast start implementation plan empowers you to invest just a few minutes each day and get MAXIMUM PR lead generation results!
  • You Learn 22 FREE Ways To Get FREE Publicity For Your Business!
  • You Get More Than 30 Online Public Relations Tools Used By The Top PR PROS!

Sounds Like An Amazing Offer?
Yet Wait…There’s More!


In business, you must always promote not one yet two brands! These include your company brand as well as your personal brand. Your personal brand is powerful and serves as a point of connection with potential customers. This takes us to social networking. Many companies get a significant amount of their business through social networking (some more than 80%).

Social networking is a key component of Public Relations Marketing and growing your business. Remember the keyword is NETWORKING. So no true Public Relations Marketing package would be complete without designing your social networking strategy and tactics.

For social networking you get:

  • A Time Tested Business Proven Strategy for maximizing your results from any networking event or business association gathering. GUARANTEED to get you and your sales team 9 to 15 solid sales leads from each networking group you attend!
  • How to identify which associations and events will maximize your Public Relations Marketing efforts (how many and which ones should you focus on, the correct way to work them, and how to use them most effectively).
  • We design Your 3 second introduction, your 60 second elevator CONVERSATION and your 60 second Elevator Speech (for when you get your chance to address the room)


  • How to almost GUARANTEE that everyone that you meet schedules an appointment with you
  • The best way to follow up with leads generated from the event (and it’s not being that annoying person on the phone calling up the next day begging for a sale)
  • Ensure that the time you invest converts into more contacts, more clients, sales and bigger profits!
  • BONUS! How to build your Public Relations Marketing into your social media sites: into your actual profiles, descriptions, each and every post, tweet, comment, avatar, etc. to amplify yourself, your product, your expertise and your business
  • This AMAZINGLY Powerful ‘Small Business Public Relations Marketing Toolkit’ will serve as your company’s Public Relations Marketing campaign for the next 5 to 7 years!


The Ultimate In Public Relations Marketing!!!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER! We schedule you for YOUR FIRST ‘News Media’ interview! Your business will be interviewed on ‘Business Radio America - talk radio’ show. Your interview can be up to 15 minutes in length! This amazing branded Business Radio talk show series is a POWERFUL Public Relations Marketing piece (A $1,500 value!)

This is also the perfect ‘News Worthy Story’ to write a lead generating Press Release about!

Learn more about ‘Business Radio Americaby clicking here


Alright…Alright...So How Much Is The Investment?

Social Media Top Team’s ‘Small Business Public Relations Marketing Toolkit’ will serve as your company’s Public Relations Marketing campaign for the next 5 to 7 years! With an effective Public Relations Marketing campaign in place, instead of you writing BIG checks to generate leads, you don’t write ANY checks (most of it’s FREE), You just DEPOSIT BIG checks!

Unlike other companies that would charge you anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 or more, with Social Media Top Team you get all of this for just $2,499!


Don’t put it off any longer. Start Generating wealth for your company with your very own ‘Small Business Public Relations Marketing Toolkit’ today!



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