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Why bother leveraging public relations radio marketing to grow your business? Simple, your target customer demographic’s perception of Talk Radio is that it’s a dynamic medium with an audience of actively engaged listeners. Radio show formats touch on every aspect of life, from finance to diet, to politics, lifestyles and sports. These radio listeners tune in daily to hear what the host is talking about, often regarding him/her as an old friend and trusted advisor. That’s why the relationships that hosts have established with listeners constitute a STRONG 3rd-PARTY ENDORSEMENT for their guests. This perception is important!

Because when YOU are a guest on a talk radio show, the entire focus of the show is you. And everyone knows that you have to be a credible, successful and upstanding business for a News Outlet to put you in their spotlight at all, let alone interview you for more than 5 minutes. That perceived reality by your potential customers is what makes public relations radio marketing News Media interviews such very effective lead generation strategies. They clearly make you stand head and shoulders above your competition and make you the obvious choice to do business with.


The Biggest Problems You’ll Have With Most PR Firm Radio Show Booking Agents…And How Social Media Top Team Overcomes Them All

Other Public Relations firms, charge you a HEFTY FEE to book you for any type of interview. And they can’t guarantee how much time on the radio show you’ll actually have to talk about your business. In addition, you have no idea what the host is going to say before your come on and after you leave. Also, the radio shows are NOT interested in promoting your business during the show or afterwards. They just want content for their programming!

Yet Social Media Top Team’s amazing branded Business Radio talk show series is a POWERFUL Public Relations Radio Marketing tool Specifically designed to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. You are actually interviewed on ‘Business Talk Radio’, from the comfort of your own office or home. This POWERFUL 3rd PARTY ENDORSEMENT establishes you as an expert in your field and literally sends your credibility literally through the roof!

You can then post your News Media interview on your website, blog, your social networking sites, include it in the signature of your emails, in your email newsletters and even give copies of it (on CD Rom) to prospective clients in your prepositioning materials. This is also the perfect event to write a newsworthy Press Release about.

The Ultimate In Public Relations Radio Marketing!

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Here’s what you get:

  • An Exclusive News Interview for Your Business Up to 15 Minutes In Length – The entire show is dedicated to you and your business. You have complete EXCLUSIVITY! You are in the spotlight and NO ONE ELSE!
  • Extreme Convenience – For your interview, you simply call in to the show from your office or home, from anywhere in the world!
  • Preproduction – We help you research what topics are of HIGH interest to your prospective customers right then. We then write a ‘High Interest’ script talking about those topics and your company’s unique solutions for them show (including the questions that the host will ask you as well as your answers). We also optimize your script for your company’s SEO keywords.

    We also handle show day organizing, edit planning and preparation.
  • Production – We provide professional talent (the host), voice over, professional recording equipment & more.
  • Post Production – Audio editing, adding royalty free music, voice over/editing, conversion into an MP3 file for the web and one broadcast quality master copy on Professional Grade Silver Mastered CD Rom (if you like).
  • Internet Marketing - Your audio interview is then placed on BusinessRadioAmerica.com’s website and marketed to our viewers.


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1. Next, we write a 100 word SEO optimized description for your interview, optimizing it for your company’s name, SEO keywords and finally post it along with your show. We even insert a 1 way inbound link in your description which takes your prospective customers directly to a targeted page within your website.

2. We then optimize your picture or company logo for your company’s name and SEO keywords and post it along with your show as well. Since everything is now optimized for your company’s name and SEO keywords, whenever a prospective customer ‘Googles’ your company name, your News Media interview displays in the search results! Then, your prospective customers are taken directly to your talk show episode. Our show helps you build a POWERFUL online reputation!

3. To boost your website in the search engines, we give you a 1 way Inbound Link (IBL)! This 1 way link from our website points directly to your website and increases your website’s SEO page rank. This helps your web site to have improved rankings in the search engines

4. A CUSTOM link directly to your ‘News Interview’ on our website. Your show is hosted on both a group page with other companies AND it’s own DEDICATED page in our website. This makes it easy for you to post it in your social media and include it in your email signature so that everyone that you email can listen to it.

  • Graphic Design - You get a beautiful, professionally designed Branded CD label from Business Radio America talk radio show. This eye-catching label is updated with your company name and the topic of your show. You print these out and apply them to your CD Roms, whenever you give them to prospective or existing clients.

Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Public Relations Radio Marketing

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  • Social Media Marketing – You get your completed show in a HIGH QUALITY mp3 format to post on your blog, website, email newsletter, facebook twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and more!

1. We can then transcribe your ENTIRE interview and send it to you in a word document for posting on your blog (this is SEO optimized content!).

2. We can even convert your transcript into en eBook for use as a conversion tool ‘Special Offer’ in your marketing!


  • Public Relations Marketing - We can then write a Press Release about your News Interview and Distribute Your Press Release to TOP Press Release Distribution services like to PRBuzz, SBWire Premium, PressDoc, MyPRGenie and 45+ free Press Release Distribution sites. These sites in turn distribute your Press Release to 1,000s of top search engines, news sites, blogs, radio & TV news sites, social sites and journalists. So we get it into as many journalists and reporters email inboxes as possible.
  • FREE 1 Year of hosting for your ‘News Interview’ show on our website! – The first year of hosting your large audio file on our website is FREE. Then it’s only $25 per year afterwards.

With Top Team, You get Unbeatable value and results to tie into your Public Relations/Social Media Marketing campaign! Social Media Top Team provides all of the equipment, staff, production services and everything you need for your business radio talk show interview.

Alright..Alright…So How Much?


Unlike similar programs that charge $2,500 or more and don’t give you even half of what’s in our package, Social Media Top Team’s ‘Business Radio America - talk radio’ public relations radio marketing package is only $699


Check out some past shows on BusinessRadioAmerica.com. Click here

Don’t put it off any longer. Start leveraging public relations radio marketing to grow your business starting today!

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