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Benefits of Becoming a Reseller with Social Media Top Team

Many business owners and marketers have found that becoming a reseller with Social Media Top Team was one of the best business decisions that they ever made. Our reseller division is very important to us. This is how we get more than 40% of our clients! So we do everything that we can to help our resellers become more successful.

With our resellers program our priorities are:

1. To help you become more successful and profitable.

By becoming a reseller, You get access to, and can now sell, ALL OF THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS that we provide. And our service/product list is very thorough (if you haven’t noticed already). You also get a ‘Reseller Catalog’ with your own wholesale pricing. We even help you with setting your own retail prices. Our philosophy is simple, ‘You close the sales…We’ll do the fulfillment’. It’s just that simple.

2. To help you make more money.

Many companies would love to provide valuable solutions for their clients yet aren’t able to build the necessary infrastructure to do so. They either lack the interest, money, time or resources. Interviewing, hiring, training and managing new people is very costly, time consuming and not as profitable as you might think. We make it easy for you. We have all of the experts in-house already. All you do is market the services and products to your EXISTING and NEW clients. Charge whatever you want for the services. You only pay Social Media Top Team your reseller wholesale price. And You Always Get Paid First, you bill your clients and then we bill you afterwards. Simple, Easy and VERY Profitable.

3. To make your clients raving fans of YOU!

All of our services are provided to your clients ‘Private Label’ or ‘White Label’. This means that your clients never know that we even exist. We know how valuable client relationships are. We have many of our own. So we prioritize making you look good with your clients every step of the way. This also means getting your client’s projects completed on budget and on time. After all, more business for you, means more business for us. So we ensure that your clients always think that you’re amazing! (which you already areWink)


Here’s What To Expect From Social Media Top Team’s Reseller Program Designed Specifically To Help You Grow Your Business To The Next Level

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(You’d Be Lucky To Have It This Good With All Your Business Relationships)

4. To help you with expert training, tools and SUPPORT

We provide training, resources and tools to help you learn about our various services and solutions. Some of them you may be familiar with and some you may not. Either way, when it comes time to sell, you’ll be well prepared to explain any product or service offered in your reseller wholesale catalog and close deals. Because of our awesome support and training program, we’ve become known in the industry as ‘The Agency’s Agency!’

5. To help you by providing an entire team backing you up every step of the way.

It can be overwhelming sometimes and even frustrating when you don’t have the support that you need when you need it. Especially when you have a growing company and you’re signing up a lot of clients. With Social Media Top Team’s reseller program, ‘Our Casa es Su Casa’ (we never said we were fluent En Espanol). We have members of our team whose job it is, to support and develop our reseller relationships. AND THEY LOVE DOING THEIR JOBS!

So when you or your clients have questions, feel free to ask. We’ve even hopped on a conference call with some of our resellers potential and existing clients to help them close their deals! Who else even does that?

6. Always being an email or phone call away. Don’t worry…we’ve got your back.

We are a U.S based company with corporate offices in Beverly Hills, California. Most of our team are US citizens with 1 or 2 in the Philippines and India. Why is this important? Because unlike other companies located in other countries, where you may struggle to understand what they’re actually saying, or they don’t work during Your Business Hours; we speak fluent English (we’re US citizens living in the US remember?) and we’re open and available during the same business hours as you. We’re also very responsive to your emails (usually replying within minutes).

If you need some phone time with us, we’ve got you covered as well. Becoming a reseller with Social Media Top Team will be one of the BEST and MOST PROFITABLE Business Decisions you’ve ever made.


It's A Shame For Your Business Not To Make More Money From Online Video, Social Media And Internet Marketing Services...

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When Our Resellers Do It So Easily!

Our resellers tell us how excited they are to be able to attend a Business Association or Chamber Of Commerce networking event and know that they have exactly what everyone there wants at a price that they already know they can afford!

Learn more about becoming a reseller with Social Media Top Team and start growing your business to the next level starting today.


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