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5 Star Reviews

Top Teamís Got Your Solution!

Online reviews have changed the marketplace. Who would have thought years ago that a few websites where people could post their opinions about your company, could have such a HUGE impact on your bottom line? If you have good reviews, you get more customers and if you have bad reviews, you lose out on getting new customers. Thereís no escaping it, online reviews are here to stay, for better or worse.

The problem is getting customers to leave the darn things! It seems like the only customers who will leave a review for you, without you asking, are the pisst off customers! Why is it that the happy ones rarely think of leaving you a reviewÖeven after you ask them to do it?

STOP Letting NEW And Referral Customers
Slip Through Your Fingers!

Referral Marketing

Many business owners struggle with consistently generating referral business. Simply offering customers an incentive doesnít seem to do the trick. If there were only a way to get the happy customers to tell their friends and family about your business that would generate more referral customers! Better yet, if there was a way to get those same happy customers to come back time and time again to buy from you as well then your marketing strategy would be complete!

These are the concerns that we heard from most business owners. So we went to the drawing board and came up with a solutionÖMIA.

Our MIA strategy does 6 things:

1)††† Win You MORE New Customers

2)††† Collect More of Your Leadís Information

3)††† Get You More BETTER Reviews on multiple review sites (not just one!)

4)††† Ideally eliminate, or cut down on, your negative reviews

5)††† Get You More Referral Customers

6)††† Increase Your Repeat Customer Business

Get More Positive Reviews, More New Customers,
More Repeat Business...Automatically!

How It WorksÖ

Customer Lifecycle

Our POWERFUL, PROVEN strategy drives results for local business owners. We help you win more business, grow revenue with better feedback, better reviews, new customers, more referrals, and more repeat business.

We empower your customers to do the talking for you to increase trust for your business, get you more social proof, and significantly BOOST your sales and word-of-mouth marketing.

So How Much Is It?

Social Media Top Teamís†automated MIA strategy starts at just $199 per month!

Donít wait any longer, start getting new sales leads, clients and customers from our PROVE automated strategy that integrates perfectly into what youíre already doing!

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