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Hereís Answers To The Questions Youíre Just Dying To Ask! man thinking hard

Q: How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Since we are not the search engines we cannot guarantee a specific time or date that your name will begin to appear in the search engines. No one in our industry can! However, we CAN tell you that we provide only accurate data for your business to the search engines which decreases your turn around time and indexing. And most of our clients see improved results in a few months (it also depends on the competitiveness of your industry).

Q: Can I Use My Own website?

Your website can be used if we optimize it for the search engines.

Q: How Can I Track My Website Traffic (Hits)?

We install Google Analytics into your website thatíll provide information and reports on your keyword traffic. You can then login and view your Search Engine Optimization campaignís performance at any time - 24/7/365.

Q: Can I Change My Keywords?

We know that many businessís services or product lines may from time to time. Simply let us know what your new services/products are and youíll see your campaign smoothly change as needed.

Q: Why Should I Inform Social Media Top Team About All Of My Internet Marketing?

Search engine processes, or algorithms, are extremely delicate. So we need any information from you about other internet marketing campaigns in which you are actively involved or plan to be.

Q: Why can duplicate listings harm my results?

Local search engines DO NOT like duplicate listings. These are multiple listings for a companyís address or telephone number. Search engines block duplicate listings from gaining front page exposure in the local directory when they are reviewing information in a location that has a large inventory of business information. These typically are large cities with large populations. There are times when we cannot identify duplicate listings until we get to the root of your campaign. And so it is IMPORTANT that you disclose any prior addresses and telephone numbers that you have used.

Q: Why Do I Have To Pay Before I See Any Results?

There is an enormous amount of inventory in search engine directories from which they may select. Social Media Top Team produces specific and relevant content to each search engine for our clients. This provides a greater understanding of you and your business for each search engine which positions you ahead of your local competitors. We continually monitor and recalibrate your keyword positioning for search engine queries and, of course, we keep you up to date with all changes in the local search marketplace. This takes time, frequent monitoring and is an ongoing process.

We put a tremendous amount of effort into your specific market analysis and campaign set up. We review your local area and the results within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to determine your campaign metrics. We implement your relevant text link campaign which is also known as link building. Our time and money for these services must be invested prior to your results being found on the internet.

Q: Can I Revise My Business Information?

Yes, simply notify your Profit Improvement Specialist. We will always need to verify your revision to your profile on each search engine. Because of this each revision may delay your results in ranking. And if changes are made within the first sixty (60) days after your initial set up, your ranking results will be delayed for up to thirty (30) additional business days for update. So itís important that ALL information on your submission form be accurate. When we submit your† information to the search engines they will crawl, spider or visit your web profile for indexing or updating.

Q: Will My Service Fees Increase On Renewal?

As we mentioned before, our client relationships span for years. Youíre going to love our work! Part of why our clientís love us are the results that they get, yet also our pricing. So as long as you renew within thirty (30) days following the end of your campaign agreement Ė and as long as we donít have to remarket your zip code - we will renew your campaign agreement at the same price.

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