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How A New Kind Of Sales Presentation Design Can Improve Your Sales Conversions By 300% Or More!


Does your sales team use sales presentations that merely present information? You know the type of presentation that gets you excited…yet not your prospects. It is a fact, that one of the biggest mistakes made by most sales organizations today is their sales presentations have become too informative rather than persuasive.

Even worse some companies have their sales force design their own presentations in Powerpoint. Yet research shows more than 20% of their time is spent on low-return activities like creating PowerPoints for their sales presentations. And what the heck do sales reps know about designing ‘Results Getting’ sales presentations?

Empower your sales team to focus purely on performing presentations that make customers ‘drool’, closing deals and following up to close even more deals. Social Media Top Team designs your High Conversion sales presentation with our patented ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ copywriting system that ‘Grabs & Holds’ prospects from the beginning to end. It will then ‘Educate’ them, ‘Emote’ (get them excited) and ‘Motivate’ them to act now.

Our presentations follow our proven sales presentation conversion format:

Your Company background & awards; it then explains the problem, challenge or situation; explains your unique solution; features a comparison chart of your company or services to your competitors and demonstrates clearly why you’re the BEST choice to do business with; a summary and finally your pricing options.

We then incorporate the perfect blend of eye-catching graphic design, being careful to ensure that the graphic design supports the sales process, not distracts from it. Best of all, our High Conversion sales presentations are DESIGNED BY CLOSERS FOR CLOSERS. You can then have your sales presentation delivered in either PowerPoint, pdf or embedded into your website. Whichever way helps your sales team to close more deals.


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Social Media Top Team’s High Conversion sales presentation design starts at just $299


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