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Learn From The TOP TEAM Of Social Media… A Client Five Star Rated Company

Everyone is talking about social media. Facebook this…twitter that. Google plus over here; pinterest and Linkedin over there. It never seems to end. What’s worst, there always seems to be some new social site popping up that all of the ‘experts’ say that you should be using. They quote the latest statistics about the social sites and constantly tell you how you’re losing business if you’re not on them.

Yet if you did ALL of the stuff that they recommend that you do, you wouldn’t have time for anything else! You’d be doing social media 8 hours per day 7 days per week. And who knows if it would even work and result in any new customers? It’s perfectly understandable why many business owners are cautious and unsure about launching any sustained social media campaigns.


Protect Yourself From Being BURNED By Social Media Coaches Who Over-Represent Their Skill Level

Bust through the clutter of ‘Social Media Noise’ and learn how to do it yourself from the RECOGNIZED experts in social media marketing! Understand that you don’t need to learn everything there is to know about social media marketing, just what strategies, methods, applications, etc. that will get the BEST RESULTS for your business.

The thing to understand is that you can only learn this from a company that has ACTUAL EXPERIENCE marketing MANY different companies spanning across MANY industries. This is something that the majority of social media coaching companies don’t have! They want to teach you the EXACT SAME TOPICS that they teach to everyone else. Even though many of the topics may have little relevance or benefit to your business.

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Learn How to Unlock The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Social Media Marketing And Grow Your Business To The Next Level!

With your Social Media Top Team personal coach, You’ll learn first what methods and strategies work best for your industry and business, what things you can realistically do (and must do) yourself and what things you want to outsource. Remember, it’s all about lead generation, conversion, perpetual selling, brand building, etc. for GROWING YOUR BUSINESS not becoming an expert in the minutiae of social media techniques and tricks.

Our coaching packages are customized exactly to the needs of your business, we don’t have a standard one size fits all package like other companies. Because even businesses within the same industry are different. They each have their own corporate culture and personalities. So that means their brands are unique to them. And so should your social media coaching packages be unique to you.


Percentage Of Coaching Clients Who Consistently Generate ACTUAL CUSTOMERS From Their Social Media Marketing
– Ours: 96% Theirs: 21% (We’re A Little Bit Higher)

Wondering how our coaching process works? Well before we begin your coaching sessions, we pair you up with one of our Highly Trained personal social media coaches who is caring, understanding and will patiently hold your hand every step of the way. Next, we start you out with a Tactical Planning Session which consists of:

A Discovery Process – We determine where you are now with your online identity, personality and reputation (I.P.R.), where do you want to go with it and ultimately your true purpose for even doing social media marketing.

Determining Your Social Media Strategy, Goals & Objectives – Determine the best ways to accomplish what you want (i.e. lead generation, lead nurturing, reputation building or repair, etc.) and set goals for where you want to be and make a plan how to get there.

Implementation – After determining what you want to do and how you want to get there, then it’s determining whose going to do the work and how can this all be done in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

We even let you determine what you want to learn in your social media coaching packages from a menu of High Interest topics including:

How to monetize: Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, or the more than 200 other social networking sites online that may get better results for your business, blogging, online forums, social media inbound AND outbound strategies (Linkedin & other sites), social media branding, leveraging podcasts and iTunes in your marketing, online video marketing, email newsletter marketing, infographics marketing, public relations marketing strategies, EFFECTIVE press release (news release) marketing, ‘How to Get 9-15 Good Sales Leads from every networking event’, and much more.

Our unique approach ensures that You Get EXACTLY what you want and need to Grow Your Business. Absolutely no wasted time…no wasted money. And our clients absolutely love it!

So What Do I Get In Top Team’s Social Media Coaching Packages?

Our social media coaching packages are on average 5 individual sessions of 1 hour each (1Tactical Planning & Review Session and 4 actual coaching sessions). So you always get a total of 5 individual 1 hour sessions with each package. Most of our clients schedule a 1 hour session every other week. This gives them time to comfortably get their assignments completed before the next session (you will get assignments to implement into your own business). So 4 sessions of coaching will cover you for 2 months. Yet if you want to schedule your session every week, you can do that as well. At the end of your coaching package, we perform a Tactical Review session to determine if the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we mutually established during the initial Tactical Planning Session were successfully accomplished with your coaching time. Remember, we are a ‘Results Oriented’ company and so should you be as well!

Then if you want to enroll for another coaching package, you can do so (many of our clients sign up for 2 to 3 coaching packages minimum). We enjoy helping you learn how to start conversations in the social space, build your own communities and convert those communities into loyal fans, readers and paying customers!

And best of all is the ease and convenience of your coaching. Your personal social media coach is caring, understanding and will patiently hold your hand every step of the way. For your convenience, your coaching sessions can be by telephone, on Skype or even Google Hangout. Whichever works best for you!

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NOTE - We also teach classes online at Uplift University.

“How In The Heck Can We Afford Top Rated Social Media Coaching Experts? Our Budget Is Less Than $1,000 Per Month?”

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Alright…So How Much Is The Investment For Your Business?

Unlike other companies whose coaching and consulting packages start at $1,000, and offer you a relatively small and limited amount of topics to choose from, Social Media Top Team’s 5 session coaching packages are only $799.


Don’t wait any longer, start learning how to unleash the POWER of your social media marketing starting today.

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