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Social Media Marketing Services Pricing

Getting clients from Social Media Marketing consists of 3 steps:

1) Lead Generation - getting higly targeted leads to connect with your social pages

2) Engagement - designing, curating and posting ĎHigh Interestí content & personal interaction

3) Conversion - turning your social connections into PAYING clients & customers.

We can handle all 3 for you!

We can either design your content for you or research and find curated content, and then post it to your social media profiles. We ensure your content is interesting and valuable to your clients and niche market. Your content can be relevant, timely blogs, articles, videos or pictures, fun facts, quotes, industry news, etc..

We even post links back to your website services & pricing pages, blog and lead conversion pages to drive more leads to contact you!

Why We're BETTER For You Than Other Companies

business acceleration

1) We leverage a PROVEN Social Media Marketing System called the 'Social Media 360 System' to get you great results. Learn more about it here.

2) With Social Media Top Team, you get your very own personal EXPERT Social Media Lead Generation Specialist that runs your entire campaign! Each month, they prepare your social media content calendar and send it to you for approval BEFORE it gets posted. Unlike other companies that simply post content to your social pages without you ever even knowing what's being posted.

3) Your Social Media Lead Generation Specialist also implements and oversees your entire social media marketing plan, tracking your campaign and implemeting improvements each month to always improve your results.

Contrast this with many other companies, who simply use auto-posting software that simply jams your social pages with a bunch of meaningless, non-compelling content. These companies have no clue as to how to generate actual clients & customers for you. A few other companies, actually do use people to run your campaign. The only thing is the people they have working for them usually have no real expertise in social media lead generation. So how can they REALLY help you?

Lastly, some of the other professional social media agencies do have people with expertise in social media marketing, yet their social media marketing services pricing starts at $1,500 per month or more!

OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRICING: The packages and price list below includes management of both your Facebook, Twitter AND Google+ Pages!

The Single-post Plan (5 posts per week Monday-Sunday, your choice of days & times)

just $249/mo

The Double-post Plan (10 posts per week Monday-Sunday, your choice of days & times)

just $399/mo Most Popular!

The Triple-post Plan (15 posts per week Monday-Sunday, your choice of days & times)

just $599/mo

* Some custom graphic design is included.

**We recommend getting our 'Social Media Marketing Plan 360' as an ADD ON. Learn more.


LinkedIn Monthly

We'll post 5 times per week to your LinkedIn Business Page, your LinkedIn Personal Profile and up to 1 Linkedin Group.

(Must be added to a basic social media plan)

just $99/mo

Pinterest Profile Management

We post relevant, high-quality images to your Pinterest account once per day, 5 days per week. We also reply to comments and content shares from your followers.

(Must be added to a basic social media plan)

only $199/mo

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Social Media Profile / Page Creation & Setup

Need to have your social profiles set up? We create and set up your Facebook Business Page, Twitter Profile, Google+ Business Page, Youtubbe Channel and Linkedin Company page. These pages and profiles will be designed with a compelling business description that will 'Grab & Hook' your visitor's attention, your website URL and will be optimized to your SEO keywords and hashtags for maximum performance in each sites search engines. We'll also load in your company logo and drop in a simple image (screen shot from your website, etc.) as a cover on each. Get THE Best Pricing for the value!

only $199 each

Pinterest Page Creation & Setup

Your Pinterest profile will be designed with a compelling business description that will 'Grab & Hook' your visitor's attention, your website URL and will be optimized to your SEO keywords. We'll also load in your company logo. We then setup of 6 Pinterest boards (relevant to your business), optimizing them for your SEO keywords and filling the boards with 6 initial images each.

just $199

Social Media Lead Generation Outbound Services

Twitter BOOSTER Lead Generation Packages:

we research and find twitter profiles that contain 100s or 1,000s of your ideal customers. We then connect with these HIGHLY targeted followers for a total of up to 400 potential customers per month. Follow back rates are a high 80% or more (with branded profiles and well selected content). We then follow back any new connections that have followed you. This adds to the basic social media marketing plan to get more leads for your business and followers and fans for your social pages!

Second, we post up to 15 Retweet, @ replies and favorites each week to engage your followers and nurture the relationship with them.

Third, we post 'Conversion tweets' that encourage your twitter followers to become your Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin connections as well.

Note: The Twitter Following is for Follows and not Followers. We cannot guarantee the number of users that will follow back. Additionally, we occasionally run into Twitter follow limits once we follow around 2000 people. If we are not able to follow any new users, we will unfollow inactive and otherwise non-relevant users who are not following back, and then follow fresh users. Because of this process, the number of users followed may appear to be unchanged on Twitter, however we are following up to 400 new users each month.

just $199 per month

TWITTER ADD ON: (A Must Have!)

We can then direct message (inbox) up to 20 of your twitter followers EACH DAY with a 'Personal Special Offer' to come to your location for a sale, call you for a FREE Consultation, or even go to your Website, Blog or Lead Conversion Page to sign up or buy something.

just $99 per month

NOTE: When you simply post a tweet, if your connections are not online at the time, they can miss your post. Yet when you inbox them, even if they don't check their twitter account for 2 weeks, it's still there and THEY ALWAYS READ IT!

Facebook Ads Management:

We run your Facebook ads campaign with your chosen budget. This includes creation of multiple custom ads, split tested for effectiveness, daily campaign monitoring and adjustments as necessary, and once-per-month reporting. Your ads can be focused on Facebook page likes, app tab landings, or website/ lead conversion page click-throughs.

For monthly ad budgets of $100 - $999 - only $299/mo

For monthly ad budgets of $1,000+ - only 30% of the ad spend

Facebook Ads Management Set Up Fee

One time set up fee includes all of the fan demographic research, target Facebook page research, initial ad designs, image selection, getting the ads approved by Facebook and more.

Only $199

*Ad budgets are for up to one month of campaigns. Budget and management fees paid in advance of service.

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