Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks - How To Write QUICK 2 Paragraph Blog Posts That Generate Leads

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Do you currently use a business blog to engage your existing clients and customers and to generate new leads for your business? If not you already know that you’re missing out on one of the most POWERFUL lead generation tools your business can have! A blog is one of the best, most cost effective ways to educate both prospective and existing clients & customers about their problems, needs and wants (and what’s causing them) as well as your solutions for their problems, needs and wants.



Most business owners already know this. The problem is most small business owners either don’t have the time to blog or don’t know what to blog about. If this describes you and you’re just looking for some ideas to simplify your content marketing creation process, you’re going to love this little know content marketing tip! This post will show you an underused strategy for generating HIGH INTEREST content quickly and easily that will actually effectively engage your blog readers and generate solid leads for your products and services.


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Remember your leads want solutions to their problems, needs and wants. They want information and knowledge and they want it now not later. They also want their solution to be simple and easy to understand. Not long difficult and complicated. These are some of the things that should be addressed in an effective content marketing strategy. Business blogs containing videos, podcasts, articles, etc. are traditionally used to accomplish this. The most common of them still being used by most small business are articles.

However, not every one of your blog posts needs to be a 500 – 2,000 word article! Sometimes a simple 1 -2 paragraph tip is all that’s needed to generate leads for you! We call these “Quick Tips”. Think of your 2 paragraph quick tips being like a tasty sample at the food court in the mall. The whole purpose of a restaurant giving out free samples is that they hope you’ll try the sample, realize that you like it and then go inside and buy the entire entrée. And many times, this is exactly what happens!


Well this is exactly what you want to do. Write a “tasty” 2 paragraph quick tip or pointer that you know your target demographic is going to consider to be very tasty and post it in your blog. Then promote it like you would your other content (social media, your email newsletter, email autoresponders, etc.) Your prospective and existing clients and customers will try your “sample”, decide that they like it and convert by contacting you for more information or making a purchase on your website.



Remember, your quick tip doesn’t have to be a lengthy article to generate leads. It simply has to be interesting and/or useful. These short tips work great for social media posts, email newsletters and email autoresponders.


To get the very BEST Results for branding and lead generation, include your picture at the top of each 2 paragraph tip and insert links to either one of your premium offer lead conversion pages (landing page) or one your service/product pages (whichever is most relevant to the quick tip you posted).


See an example of a blog quick tip below:

What Should Your 1 - 2 Paragraph Quick Tips Be About?

When you write your blog post tips, you want to write blog posts that people will actually read. Topics that tend to work best are those that you know would be important to your target demographic yet may not necessarily warrant writing an entire 500+ word article about it.

These could be:

•    Questions that clients have asked you throughout the years.

•    A question that was asked of you recently.

•    A new change in the laws, codes, standards, etc.

•    A hot stock tip. (ex. “Our Latest Pick for A Top Performing Stock”)

•    A simple solution to a small issue that you know they may sometimes encounter (ex. “1 Simple Quick Fix for A Leaky Faucet”)

•    A recent development being discussed in the news

•    Think of the most common questions and concerns people have when they’re searching for your products and services and determine which of these you could write a 1 - 2 paragraph tip about.


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Simply make a list of your quick tip ideas (at least 10). Then write a 1 -2 paragraph tip for each. Simple, easy and quick.



After awhile, you’ll naturally come up with more and more ideas for how to write blog posts effectively, and quickly with your “Quick Tips”. Before you know it, your business blog will effectively keep your clients & customers engaged and generate new leads and sales for your business on a consistent basis!



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