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So you want to get FREE Leads and Fans for your business’s Facebook fan page do you? Well you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of other businesses set up a Facebook business page and want to do the exact same thing! Getting ‘likes’ or ‘fans’ is important because:

A) Those who 'Like' your Facebook page are 2.4x more connected with your brand than the typical Facebook user. They share your brand's news and messages and sign up for your events, watch your videos, download your ebooks, etc.


B) When your business page fans like, comment and share your content, it has the potential to be seen by new audiences not yet familiar with your company. For example, if you have 200 fans, and those fans each have 100 friends, you can expand your company's reach to 20,000 people!

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There are a bunch of articles, videos and websites out there telling you how to get Facebook likes or even selling you fans for a fee. There is also Facebook ads that you can use. Plan on spending $1,000 or more with Facebook to get a decent amount of fans. Yet why pay money for something when you can get HIGH Quality leads and fans for FREE?


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So here are some of the most effective FREE ways of getting Facebook fans fast!

How to get free facebook fans and likes

1. The easiest, fastest, SURE FIRE and FREE way is to use
This site exists to keep online social networking FREE and out of ‘corporate control’. You sign up here and get an unlimited amount of not only free Facebook fans, yet also Twitter followers, Youtube subscribers, Linkedin connections and more. After setting up your FREE account, their entire fan community 'likes' your Facebook page(s). Then you simply do the same for them. It's all about community. New fans join their community everyday!


2. Design A Well Branded ‘Fan Getting’ Page
This is often overlooked by many page owners. Yet think about it, why would someone want to ‘like’ your page if it looks plain and boring? You have to design your page to have a ‘look and feel’ that makes first time visitors be intrigued and WANT to fan your page and receive your posts. This includes having a well designed cover image, profile image, tabs, pictures, videos, some of your product line, your Logo, any awards, interesting and engaging content and more.

Take a look at ours (fan us and we'll fan you back!) -

And one of our clients -




3. Page-to-Page Posting
This is a simple and very effective strategy. Start out by searching on Facebook and finding 10 other pages, with a lot of fans, that are in your industry and target the same customer demographic as you do. Next, visit each of the 10 Facebook pages and post a comment saying good things about their content, services/products, give them a testimonial or simply pay them a compliment and they most likely will keep up your comment up.

Ex. Hey [Facebook Page Name] you have an awesome fan page! A lot of good stuff!

Your comment will actually appear at the TOP of their page! So whenever any of their fans, or anyone else, visits their page they’ll see your comment, become curious and click on your link and visit your page. If they like what they see, they’ll become a fan of your page too!

Do this maybe once every week or so with the 10 pages. You can do it with more than 10 as well. Remember not to spam!



4. Commenting On Posts
This is very similar to the strategy above. Start out by searching on Facebook and finding 10 other pages, with a lot of fans, that are in your industry and target the same customer demographic as you do. Next, visit each of the 10 Facebook pages and comment on their actual posts. After awhile, their fans will get used to seeing your comments, become curious as to who you are (especially if your comments are good) and click on your link and visit your page. If they like what they see (a well branded intriguing Facebook page), they’ll become a fan of your page too!

Do this every day with the 10 pages. You can do it with more than 10 as well. Remember not to spam!



5. Connect With Existing Clients & Customers
This one is easy! You, and your sales team, connect with all of your existing customers, past and present, on Facebook. Then have your customers like your company Facebook page. It works best if you give them an incentive to do so (ex. ‘Like our Facebook page to attend our upcoming webinar for FREE; 5% discount on your next purchase, etc.).

This has the additional benefit of getting them to think of you again, and ideally buy something else from you. Plus you get another FREE channel to market to them for your multichannel promotion.



6. Connect With Prospective Clients & Customers
This is like the strategy above. The difference is that you, and your sales team, connect with all potential customers on Facebook the moment that you set an appointment with them or even present to them. Once they connect with you, have them like or ‘fan’ your company Facebook page.


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7. Post ‘Fan Getting’ Posts
The purpose of your posts (or status updates) is to engage your fans and get them to both click on your link AND to like, comment and share your posts (Make sure your posts fit your brand). When they click on your posts all of their friends can now see it. The average Facebook user has over 300 friends. So one of your posts can reach 1,000s of people for FREE. So remember to always tell your fans to “Please like and share!” And since you have a well designed ‘Fan Getting’ page, their friends will see your posts, visit your page and become a fan!

You can use pictures, articles, videos and more (though pictures and images tend to get the  best engagement).



8. Produce Youtube Videos
You can put up a 2 – 4 minute Youtube video about something important to your target demographic (ex. news item, industry development, giveaways, etc). Then have your Facebook url displaying prominently throughout the video and even at the end of the video. Make sure to TELL THEM to connect with you on your fan page. Also, include your url in the video description below the video as well. Make sure to use a keyword rich name for your video titles and content.




9. Facebook ‘Share’ button
The average Facebook user has over 300 friends. When you get them to share, it goes into their newsfeed and all of their friend’s pages. 10 people sharing equals over 3,000 people that see it! So put a Facebook share button at the bottom of your blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. and ask readers to share it!

facebook share button

10. Take Polls And Ask Questions
People love to answer questions. They like to click and check boxes. So use Facebook’s polling feature (it’s free) and post questions and take polls of your fans. When they answer your polls, it shows on their personal page so all of their friends see it! Make sure the questions are relevant and are of interest to your target demographic.

Ex. Which form of travel is more enjoyable? A) Plane  B) Train  C) Car



11. Get Found In Google And Facebook Searches
Fill out your ‘about us’ section on your Facebook page with SEO keywords that Google and Facebook will search for. The more information that you fill out the better. People searching in Google (or Facebook) will find your page, see it, like it and become a fan!



12. Design A Social Media Web
This strategy is often overlooked. Connect all of your social sites together and leverage all of the fans of one site to become fans of the others. You can list your Facebook url in the description area of your other social sites and tell people to ‘like’ you on Facebook.

You can also post this message on each site once or twice per month:

“Make sure you connect with us on Facebook -”



13. Get Your Connections From Other Sites To ‘Fan You’ On Facebook.
This differs from the previous strategy because you personally invite each of your connections one by one to become a fan of your Facebook page. Send them this personal message:

“Hey if you haven’t already, make sure you like us on Facebook. We reciprocate -”



14. Convert ALL Of Your Friends, Colleagues And Contacts Into Facebook Fans
You simply email all of your friends, colleagues, contacts, your employees, subcontractors, vendors, friends, family, prospects that didn’t buy from you, etc. and send them your Facebook business page url and ask them to like it. Follow up again in 2 weeks for any that may have forgotten.

You can email them this message:

Subject: Need Your Help
Hey can you do us a HUGE favor and like us on Facebook? We set up our page and want to build up our ‘likes’. So we figured we’d ask the people we care about the most to help us out.

Here’s our page:

Thanks In Advance!


Subject: Need Your Help
Hey can you do us a HUGE favor and like us on facebook? We want to reach our goal of 1,000 ‘likes’.

Here’s our page:

Thanks and if you have a page, we’ll like your page too!

free facebook fans likes


15. Leverage Your Existing Advertising
Add ‘Like us on’ to ALL of your advertisements (business cards, print, billboards, radio, television, internet, etc.), website, blog, your newsletter (email and print) your email signatures, your mobile phone signatures (for texting), brochures, letterhead, faxes, advertising specialties, etc.. You can even include a QR code that links directly to your Facebook page.



16. Convert New Twitter Followers To Facebook Fans
This is one of our favorites! In Twitter, and even your other social networking sites, as soon as someone follows you, friends you, etc. send them this message:

Thanks for the follow!  Hope you like we’re up to ☺ Check out our fanpage


Thanks for the ‘friendship’!  Hope you like we’re up to, for more great (articles, deals, savings, coupons etc.), check out our fanpage



17. Commenting Online
Whenever you write anything online, try to insert a link to your Facebook page. Don't do this where it'd be considered spamming yet use it wherever it's appropriate, such as at the end of a blog post, in a forum post, or as part of an article explaining what you're mission is all about, etc.



18. Public Speaking
You, and your team, should always remind people to visit your Facebook page whenever you give a speech, presentation, or talk.



19. In Your Email Signature
Add your Facebook url to your email signature line. In addition, add it to anything you email out such as e-books, newsletters, etc.



20. Instore or inOffice Signage
If you have a shop, store or office, make sure you let your customers know to connect with you on Facebook. Post a sign with your Facebook url on it and ideally give them some incentive for becoming your fan (ex. 5% off your next visit, some free service with their next visit, etc.).

Well we hope this helps you get plenty of ‘fans’ and ‘likes’ for your business’s Facebook page. By using these proven methods, you can easily get 1,000s of FREE Facebook fans in matter of a few weeks or months. Do you have any free methods of getting fans? We’d love to hear about your experiences too!

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